How do you calculate torque speed curve?

Torque/Speed Curves

  1. The curve is for the output of the gearbox.
  2. The units given on the graph are N·m for torque, and rpm for rotational speed.
  3. no load speed, = 600 rpm.
  4. stall torque, = 0.325 N·m.
  5. max power output, (Pmax= [31.416 rad/s * 0.163 N·m] = 5.105 W) occurs at = 300 rpm, and = 0.163 N·m.

Do electric motors have torque curves?

An ECU is programmed to meet the torque needs stated by the manufacturer, with many engines set up to form as flat a torque curve as possible for even distribution across the rev range. The massive drawback for this torque delivery is the lag in reaching maximum torque.

How do you calculate rotational torque of a motor?

To calculate load torque, multiply the force (F) by the distance away from the rotational axis, which is the radius of the pulley (r). If the mass of the load (blue box) is 20 Newtons, and the radius of the pulley is 5 cm away, then the required torque for the application is 20 N x 0.05 m = 1 Nm.

How do you read a torque curve on a motor?

Torque (T) On a dc motor / gear motor performance curve, torque is usually represented by the X-axis. The intersection of the speed line (N) and the X-axis is the stall torque (T) point. This is where the motor produces its maximum torque and can no longer rotate.

How do you calculate torque from kW and RPM?

  1. Torque ( = 63,025 x Power (HP) / Speed (RPM)
  2. Power (HP) = Torque ( x Speed (RPM) / 63,025.
  3. Torque (N.m) = 9.5488 x Power (kW) / Speed (RPM)
  4. Power (kW) = Torque (N.m) x Speed (RPM) / 9.5488.

How is motor torque measured?

1) Electrical Power Meter A relatively simple method to estimate torque on the output shaft of an electrical motor is to measure its electrical power input via an electrical power meter. The meter calculates the power input by measuring the current and voltage in the line driving the motor.

How do you calculate torque from kW and rpm?

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