How do I set up Sky IO Link?

If you have an i/O port at the back of your Sky box, plug your iO-Link’s cable into it. Then plug one end of the aerial cable into the tvLink/RF Out socket on the iO-Link. If you have RFOut ports at the back of your Sky box, plug one end of the aerial cable into the RF Out 2 port.

How do I install an iO link on my Sky HD box?

How to install your iO-LINK

  1. Switch off the SKY HD mini STB and disconnect the mains plug.
  2. Connect the iO-LINK directly to the IO port located on the back of the SKY HD mini STB.
  3. Connect one end of the coaxial cable (female connector) to the “RF out” of the iO-LINK and the other (male connector) to your second TV.

Why won’t my Sky Q box connect to my router?

Have you tried a Network Reset on your Q box found in Home – Settings – Setup – Network. Highlight Status and then select Reset on the right hand side. Follow instructions to connect to router. You can only use WPS If you are on Sky broadband.

Why won’t my Sky Q box connect to my broadband?

Why is my Sky not connecting to internet?

Re: Sky+ not connecting to wifi @Doglover001 the usual solution for this is to switch off your Sky box and your router at the plug. Wait 30 seconds before restarting your router and a other 4 minutes before restarting your Sky box. Then see if it will connect.

How do you get to Sky settings?

Press services on your Sky remote, select Options and then select Customise. If necessary, press CH+/- to access the 2nd page and switch BACK UP to TV Guide to ON. Press green to save the setting, then sky to return to your viewing.

What is a sky IO Link?

Product description. The IO Link is an adaptor that lets you conveniently connect a Sky Magic Eye (TV Link) to the IO port on compatible Sky+HD boxes with built-in Wi-Fi. It’s easy to do and once you’re all set up, you can watch an award-winning drama, comedy or documentary on two TVs at the same time.

How do I set up my Sky Broadband?

To get up and running with your Sky Broadband, set up your Sky hub. Your broadband won’t work until its been activated, so wait until your activation date before setting up your hub. Its printed on your hub packaging or sign in to Track my order to check the date. It can go live anytime up to midnight on your activation date.

How do I know if my sky box needs an IO-Link?

If, at the back of your Sky box, you see one port labelled I/O Port, you’ll also need a small device called an iO-Link (available from Sky Accessories ). If you see two ports labelled RFOut, you won’t need one. Switch off your Sky box, and any devices connected to it, at the mains.

How do I connect my tvLINK to Sky TV?

Position your tvLink ’s magic eye (the part that looks like a computer mouse) with a clear line of sight to your Sky remote. Switch your Sky box, and everything connected to it, on at the mains. You should see a red power light on your tvLink.

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