How do I get DHA DataFlow report?

Applicants can either click ‘Go to Dataflow’ from the registration page of their DHA Sheryan account. Or register directly by going to the Dataflow portal. Register with your email id, unique ID, and if applicable, the voucher number (for DHA/Government staff).

How long will it take for DHA DataFlow?

7. What is the timeframe required by the DataFlow Group to complete the PSV application? The standard timeframe for completing an application is approximately 30 working days upon receiving the payment.

How do I get a DataFlow report?

You will receive an email notification once your case is completed and the report is available for download, at which point you can head over to to obtain a copy of your report.

What is DataFlow for DHA?

Since 2007, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) leverages the DataFlow Group’s specialized Primary Source Verification (PSV) solutions to screen the credentials of professionals working within Dubai’s healthcare sector.

How much is DataFlow in Saudi?

Dataflow costs 850SAR for the three basic 3 documents that need to be verified (1 x employment certificate, 1 x education certificate an, 1 x license). Any extra documents such as additional employment certificate cost 300SAR each. Registration fees – 240SAR for Nurse Specialists, 160SAR for Nurse Technicians.

How can I apply for DataFlow in UAE?

To apply for your Primary Source Verification under the Ministry of Education UAE, visit and follow the below steps:

  1. Register with your email ID.
  2. You will receive an email containing an activation link.
  3. Activate your account, then create your password.
  4. Click on “Detailed Case Entry”

Can I give DHA exam before data flow?

Can I book my DOH Pearson Vue exam before I complete my Dataflow? No. The exam process for DOH (previously called HAAD) Pearson Vue exam is lengthy and exam dates are not alloted to dentists if they have not completed Dataflow verification.

Is DataFlow same for all countries?

For working in Countries such as Oman, Saudi, Bahrain, Qatar & United Arab Emirates, the Dataflow report is mandatory. For countries like Oman, Saudi, Bahrain & Qatar, dataflow is a separate process whereas for UAE exams such as HAAD, DHA & UAE MOH, dataflow comes together with the exam process.

What documents are required for DataFlow?


  • Passport Size Photo ( White Back Ground)
  • Passport Front and Back Page.
  • S.S.L.C ( Secondary School Certificate)
  • Plus Two ( Higher Secondary)
  • Degree / Diploma Certificate.
  • Registration Certificate (License)
  • All Year Mark Lists.
  • Transcript.

How long is a data flow valid?

How long is a DataFlow Group PSV report valid for? A DataFlow Group report holds permanent validity, unless instructed by the Department of Healthcare Professions (DHP)- Ministry of Public Health (MOPH)- State of Qatar for further verification. 9.

What are the documents required for Saudi DataFlow?


  • Passport Front and Back Page.
  • Degree / Diploma Certificate.
  • Registration Certificate (License)
  • All Year Mark Lists.
  • Transcript.
  • Saudi Last 1 Year is Mandatory.
  • Updated Resume ( for Oman data Flow)

How can I get DHA eligibility Letter?


  1. A recent photograph (passport size)
  2. Copy of your valid passport.
  3. Your educational qualifications.
  4. Your experience certificates.
  5. Practice license or registration.
  6. The Good Standing Certificate (GSC)
  7. A 2-year surgical logbook (for surgeons)
  8. A medical fitness test in case the applicant is aged 65 and above.

Which countries use DataFlow?

Bahrain. Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning.

  • KSA. Dr.
  • Kuwait. Health Assurance Hospitals Company (DHAMAN)
  • Malaysia. Malaysian Medical Council.
  • Malta. Healthmark.
  • N.America. Aequo International.
  • Oman. Oman Society of Engineers.
  • Qatar.
  • Can I give DHA exam before DataFlow?

    Is data flow same for all countries?

    How many times can I write DHA exam?

    3 times
    Number of Retakes: You can take DHA examination up to 3 times. If you fail all the 3 times, you will be disqualified from further applying to same or low-quality examinations.

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