How do I create a freenode channel?

IRC channel names start with a #, and Freenode’s policy dictates that “off topic” channels should start with ##; e.g. ##mychannel. Join the chosen channel. Use the /join ##mychannel command. If the channel was empty, it will be created and you will automatically become a “channel operator” (sometimes “chanop” or “op”).

Is freenode gone?

On 14 June 2021, Freenode administrators launched a new network under the freenode name based on InspIRCd and Anope IRC services, intended to replace the previous network. Unlike previous migrations, none of the data from the old network, such as user and channel registration, was migrated over to the new network.

Is freenode open source?

Freenode was founded in 1994 and has since become the largest free and open source project that runs Internet Relay Chat (or IRC) networks, which were once hugely popular and are still an important internet chat protocol.

How do I make a private IRC channel?

Set your new channel to private or secret by typing /mode #mychannel +s for secret and /mode #mychannel +p for private. If you don’t mind your new channel being public, don’t do anything. All new channels are automatically public.

Is freenode secure?

freenode provides SSL client access on all servers, on ports 6697, 7000 and 7070. Users connecting over SSL will be given user mode +Z, and is using a secure connection will appear in WHOIS (a 671 numeric).

What replaced freenode?

Libera Chat
After resigning from Freenode, the former staff created Libera Chat on 19 May 2021. They have described the network as a successor to Freenode, which they intend to focus around “free and open source software projects and similarly-spirited collaborative endeavours”.

Why is everyone leaving freenode?

Network boss Andrew Lee disputes claims made by those leaving the internet chat community. Updated Most of the volunteer staff of Freenode, an internet relay chat (IRC) network dating back to 1995, have resigned in protest over what they describe as a hostile takeover of the chat service.

Can you get hacked through IRC?

Hackers often will not connect to IRC directly. By using a variety of hosts a hacker can subvert a ban, trick others into thinking he is someone else, or connect to an IRC server that limits connections. Most often, though, it is to hide his real IP address in case someone is watching them.

How do I connect to Freenode IRC?

You can connect to freenode by pointing your IRC client at on ports 6665-6667 and 8000-8002 for plain-text connections, or ports 6697, 7000 and 7070 for SSL-encrypted connections.

What replaced Freenode?

How do you make an IRC chat server?

Here’s all you need to do to make your own IRC channel.

  1. Download an IRC Client. To participate in an IRC, you first need a client.
  2. Join an IRC Network. IRC is split across many networks.
  3. Create an IRC Channel. Now that you’re connected to a network and have a nickname, it’s time to create your IRC channel.

How do I access my IRC Server?

Connect to an IRC Network

  1. Press on the + in the top left corner.
  2. Press Add Network and select the IRC network from the list you would like to join or press Custom Network and enter the details.
  3. Enter the name of the chat room you would like to join or select the chat room(s) from the list and then press Join.
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