How do I check my Centennial Bank balance?

Where can I find my current account balance or cleared items? Call Customer Care (888-372-9788) or find this information in your Online banking account or download our mobile app for access on the go!

What did Centennial Bank used to be?

Home Bancshares’ banks are built around experienced bankers with strong local relationships. In 2008 and 2009, we collapsed all charters and pulled all banks under the brand, “Centennial Bank.” This major integration allowed us to better serve our customers, employees and shareholders.

What is the interest rate on a savings account at Centennial Bank?

0.4% APY
Products Offered

Product Current Terms and Rates Minimum Balance for APY
Savings Account 0.4% APY $1
Checking Account 0.52% APY $2500
Certificates of Deposit 12 Month: 1.10% APY 24 Month: 2.02% APY 36 Month: 2.93% APY 48 Month: 3.03% APY 60 Month: 3.14% APY $500 for all terms
Money Market Accounts 0.7% APY 0.7% APY $10000 $15000

Is Centennial Bank Insured?

IV. On Monday, January 26, 2009, the former 1st Centennial Bank locations will reopen as branches of First California Bank. Principal and interest on insured accounts, through January 23, 2009, are fully insured by the FDIC, up to the insurance limit of $250,000. You will receive full payment for your insured account.

Does Centennial Bank offer overdraft protection?

Centennial Bank provides you with Overdraft Privilege, an added customer service that protects your checking account when inadvertent overdraft occurs.

Can I overdraft my Centennial bank account?

You will be charged the normal Non-Sufficient Funds/Overdraft handling fee of $35.00 for each item paid as set forth in our current fees schedule — the same as if we returned your check unpaid.

Does Centennial Bank have Zelle?

You can send, request, or receive money with Zelle. To get started, log into Centennial Bank’s mobile app and select “Send Money with Zelle®. Enter your email address or U.S. mobile phone number, receive a one-time verification code, enter it, accept terms and conditions, and you’re finished.

What are the hours of operation for Centennial Bank?

Saturday 8am – 2pm CT / 9am – 3pm ET. PLEASE DO NOT Send Confidential Information such as account or social security numbers using this form. Find the perfect Centennial Bank location for your needs.

What is the routing number for Centennial Bank?

The routing number for Centennial Bank is 082902757. Certain transaction fees, limitations and requirements may apply. Please refer to the product terms and conditions or see Bank for details. All services subject to prior Centennial Bank approval.

How do I enroll in online banking at Centennial Bank?

Click here to begin Online Banking enrollment. If you wish to enroll but not use the online service please visit your local branch or call (888-372-9788) and request to enroll in Online Banking. What is Centennial Bank’s routing number?

Who is Centennial Bank?

Centennial Bank is a customer focused bank that provides a broad range of commercial and retail banking and related financial services to businesses, investors, individuals and municipalities.

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