How can I prepare for SSB interview?

SSB Interview Preparation: Tips and Strategy

  1. Understand the Pattern of SSB Interview Thoroughly.
  2. Practice is a key to success.
  3. Be Confident whenever you speak.
  4. Read Current Affairs Every Day.
  5. You must have in-depth knowledge about certain topics.
  6. Don’t ignore your background knowledge of academics.

Is it easy to pass SSB interview?

If you have cleared the written NDA exam then you have to appear for SSB or Service Selection Board interview. As we all know SSB is the toughest interview for any service in this country. Only few candidates are able to crack this interview in first attempt. So it is very difficult to clear SSB interview.

How do you practice PPDT?

You may take pictures from a newspaper, magazine, book, movie or just sit somewhere quietly and look around you and write a story on it, to practice PPDT and TAT. Stay calm and relaxed during these tests because stressing your mind would give less space to creativity.

Who cracked SSB in first attempt?

Lt Om Paithane
A 26-year-old former cab driver turned Indian army officer was a source of inspiration for hundreds of students aspiring to crack the exams. The aspirants were delighted to meet Lt Om Paithane who was felicitated by his coach Lt Col Balu. Om cleared the Service Selection Board exam (SSB) in his first attempt.

What is the fees for SSB coaching?

SSB Coaching Fees & Charges

SSB COACHING FEES & CHARGES w.e.f. 1st January, 2022
One Term (10 Days) Charges (Rs)
Tuition Fees (Inclusive of Service Tax) 11,800 (10,000 + 18% GST)
Optional Charges
Mess 3,950

How do I start a PPDT story?

DOs to write the Best Story in PPDT Give attention to the Instruction given by the assessor and always follow them. Always adopt a logical order while writing your story as it depicts you have clarity of thoughts. Try to give a simple theme to the story and avoid a complicated one. Give common names to your characters.

Which language is best for SSB interview?

All the verbal and written tests in SSB are conducted in the English medium. One must have good spoken English in order to do well in the interview. An Officer is expected to be well versed in English so that he/she could instruct their troops well and report to seniors.

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