How can I change my Kuwait visa from 20 to 18?

Answer: We are sorry but you cannot change your visa from 20 to 18. The only opportunity for you is to cancel your 20 visa, exit Kuwait and come back on visa 18 but this can only be possible if you get a company willing to offer you a job and for that matter a visa for your return to Kuwait.

How can I get Kuwait visa for 18?

Submit a duly filled application form. The application form will require details like passport details, personal details, and the details of your trip to Kuwait. You will need to provide a biometric page of your passport and other necessary documents. You will receive your e-Visa in your email ID.

Is visa 18 in Kuwait transferable?

They issue new law to transfer residency from one sponsor to another, which is called visa 18 transfer rules in Kuwait. Many laws are changing, which will affect many work visa holders of the country.

How can I change my visa from 20 to 22 in Kuwait?

You will also need to have the marriage certificate stamped by Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs….Transfer of Visa 20 to 22 – Documents

  1. No objection certificate from your wife’s current sponsor.
  2. Copies of your wife’s passport and civil ID.
  3. Copy of your Civil ID.
  4. Work permit indicating the salary you earn per month.

How can I change my sponsorship in Kuwait?


  1. The sponsor must attend in person at the Collection Department, with his recent salary certificate, to sign a payment undertaking letter.
  2. The employee in charge in the Collection Department reviews the salary certificate, and receives the undertaking letter signed by the sponsor.

How can I transfer my visa online in Kuwait?

Required Documents

  1. Original civil ID of the previous sponsor and a copy.
  2. Original civil ID of the current sponsor and a copy.
  3. Original civil ID of the sponsored and a copy.
  4. Passport of the sponsored.
  5. Two (2) personal photos.
  6. Signature authorization and a copy.
  7. Health insurance certificate.

What is the meaning of visa 18 in Kuwait?

The work visa/permit in Kuwait is issued under Article 17 and 18 of the country’s immigration laws. Article 17 is for Public Sector Employees and Article 18 is for Private Sector Employees.

What is Article 20 visa Kuwait?

Renewing Learner’s License for Kuwaiti Citizens and Foreigners ( Article 20 )

How much is the cost of transfer of visa in Kuwait?

At present, the charges of transferring visa from one government project to another one is KD200 (if with the same sponsor) and KD300 (for different sponsor on another project).

Is visa 22 transferable?

Answer: If you are a university graduate you can transfer your visa 22 to 18 at any point in time provided you get a job. On the other hand, if you don’t possess a university degree, then you have to spend at least one year in Kuwait before you will be eligible to effect the transfer of your visa 22 to 18.

Can you get Kuwaiti citizenship by marriage?

By Marriage The wife may be granted citizenship only if she declares her wish to be Kuwaiti. She may be granted citizenship only after 5 years from the date of her wish to become a Kuwaiti. The Minister of Interior has the right to reduce the number of years.

Can a Kuwaiti woman marry a non Kuwaiti?

In article 5, the law states that Kuwaiti women married to non‑Kuwaitis cannot pass citizenship to their children, unless they are widowed or divorced, but the application of this article is increasingly rare and the woman requires a strong patron to ensure a wasṭa or a political favor.

Can unmarried couples stay in Kuwait?

As Kuwait follows the Sharia Islamic Law, unwed couples are not allowed to stay together, specially in hotels. Hotels may ask for copies of marriage certificate, this is especially enforced if you are a Kuwait resident. In case of non residents of Kuwait, hotels generally do not ask for marriage certificate.

How strong is the Kuwaiti passport?

The Kuwaiti passport currently ranks on the 56th place according to the Guide Passport Ranking Index. It provides visa-free access to 95 countries.

Does Kuwait give citizenship by birth?

Children born to unknown parents in Kuwait are considered to be Kuwaiti citizens by birth.

Can I get Kuwait citizenship?

Kuwaiti nationality may be granted by Decree upon the recommendation of the Minister of the Interior to a foreign woman who marries a Kuwaiti national provided that she declares her wish to acquire Kuwaiti nationality and that the marriage shall have lasted for at least 15 years from the date of her declaration.

Which country is visa free to Kuwait?

Visa requirements

Country Visa requirement Allowed stay
Jordan Visa not required 3 months
Kazakhstan Visa not required 90 days
Kenya eVisa / Visa on arrival 3 months
Kiribati Visa required

Can you get Kuwaiti passport?

Kuwaiti nationality may be granted by Decree upon the recommendation of the Minister of the Interior to any person [upon his attaining his majority who was] born in, or outside, Kuwait to a Kuwaiti mother whose father is unknown or whose kinship to his father has not been legally established.

Can unmarried couple stay in hotel in Kuwait?

You can have a problem in some hotels if you want to get one room for an unmarried couple. In general, Kuwaiti and people from GCC must be married if they want to share one room. Mostly, hotels tolerate accommodation of unmarried couples if you are a tourist, but this doesn’t apply to all accommodation facilities.

Can unmarried couple stay in Kuwait?

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