How can I attest Nikah Nama in Pakistan?

i) Original Nikkah Nama issued by Nikkah registrar with his signature and stamp. ii) If photocopy of Nikkah nama is required, it should be attested by a Magistrate or any other gazetted Officer. (Note: Original Nikkah Nama/photocopy must be countersigned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Pakistan).

What attestation is required for UAE from Pakistan?

The UAE embassy attestation services located in Islamabad will complete the legalization process. In order that we attest your Pakistan Documents, we require your original certificate which is to be attested and a copy of your passport.

How can I attest my marriage certificate for UAE visa?

Procedure for Attestation of Marriage Certificate for UAE For securing a UAE visa for your family, you would need to surface your marriage certificate, which would have to be attested by the consulate or embassy in the home country and thereafter from the ministry of foregin affairs (MOFA)in UAE.

How can I attest documents from Dubai Embassy in Pakistan?

First of all, translation of NADRA issued B-FORM in English and Arabic. These both papers (B-Form +Translation of B-Form) will be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Then these both papers will be dispatched to UAE Embassy for Attestation/Verification.

How can I attest my marriage certificate from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan?

To get the attestation, the executant has to be present in person to sign the Power of Attorney or it should be registered with concerned Sub-Registrar of the Revenue Department. 20. A person authorized in Pakistan has to appear in person with original ID card to get the Power of Attorney attested from MOFA.

How can I attest Pakistani marriage certificate in UAE?

Documents Required for Degree Certificate

  1. Original Degree Certificate.
  2. Original Degree Mark sheets.
  3. Original Intermediate Certificate and Mark sheets.
  4. Original Matric Certificate and Mark sheets.
  5. Copy of Passport.
  6. Passport size Photograph.
  7. Copy of National Identity Card Pakistan( CNIC)
  8. Copy of Fathers National Identity Card.

How can I get my marriage certificate attested in Dubai?

How to Authenticate a Marriage Certificate in UAE

  1. Compile the authentication requirements.
  2. Reach out to an attestation firm based in UAE.
  3. Submit the documents to your chosen firm.
  4. Wait for the processing of your document.
  5. Claim the authenticated document.

How can I get my marriage certificate attest?

Depending on the country where the marriage certificate was issued, the issuing authority needs to be contacted for attesting the marriage certificate. After the state-level government authority attests the marriage certificate, it is sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

How much is attest marriage certificate in UAE?

MOFA ATTESTATION FEE FOR COMMERCIAL DOCUMENTS The following commercial documents, whether issued in the UAE or outside the UAE, the cost of MoFA attestation is AED 2,000 each.

How can I get my marriage certificate attested by MOFA?

To get your certificates attested by MoFA in the UAE, there is a simple procedure that you need to follow.

  1. STEP 1: REGISTER YOURSELF. Open the MoFAIC registration portal.

What is the procedure of attestation from UAE embassy?

The certificate/documents for attestation should be submitted to the Embassy/Consulate along with a photocopy of the certificate/document and a copy of his/her passport. The original passport should be presented for verification and return.

Who can attest Nadra documents in Pakistan?

b) Any Citizen having (S/CNIC)/(S/NICOP) (above 18 years) can attest/verify the form.

How can I register nikah in Nadra?

Requirements to obtain NADRA marriage certificate:

  1. Copy of nikkah nama / manual marriage certificate.
  2. Copy of CNIC from bride.
  3. Copy of CNIC from bridegroom.
  4. Copy of father’s CNIC from bride & bridegroom.
  5. Copy of CNIC from nikkah khawan (molvi)
  6. Copies of passport in case anyone from bride or bridegroom is foreigner.

How long it will take to attest the marriage certificate in UAE?

3-5 working days
Most of the time, it requires 3-5 working days to get a Marriage Certificate attested. Two types of services for getting a Marriage Certificate attested are offered, Normal and VIP services. Applicants can choose either of the services as per their convenience.

How can I attest my marriage certificate?

Marriage Certificate Attestation can be done from the issued country of the certificate. For using the certificate in India, certificate should be attested from concerned Home department/MEA & corresponding Embassy of the country to which the certificate holder plans to go.

How much is the attestation in UAE embassy?

How can I get NADRA Nikah Nama?

Where can I get NADRA marriage certificate?

Following authorities issue Marriage Certificate:

  • Union Council.
  • TMA Office.
  • Cantonment Board Office.
  • Arbitration Council Office.

Where can I get nikah Nama form?

In case you have misplaced your NikkahNama, or you need to get a duplicate copy of nikkah nama (nikah kontrak), you can get it from the concerned Union Council Office.

How can I attest my marriage in Dubai?

Attestation process:

  1. Attestation from the Home department of the certificate issued country (Home country of the certificate).
  2. Attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of External Affairs in the home country.
  3. Verification and Legalization by the UAE Embassy or UAE Consulate in the home country.

How can I get documents attested from UAE embassy?

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