How big is the Forest Grove High School?


Forest Grove High School
Faculty 74.71 (on FTE basis)
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 1,932 (2016-17)
Student to teacher ratio 25.32

What schools are 5A in Oregon?

5A Classification (33 schools in 5 leagues)

  • 5A-1 Northwest Oregon Conference. Hillsboro – Spartans1087.
  • 5A-2 Mid-Willamette Conference. Central – Panthers777.
  • 5A-3 Midwestern League. Ashland – Grizzlies877.
  • 5A-4 Intermountain Conference. Bend – Lava Bears1438.
  • 5A-5 Columbia River Conference. Hermiston – Bulldogs1092.

When was the New Forest Grove High School built?

In 1849, the Academy was established with land donated by Harvey Clark (20 acres) and Elkanah Walker (12-1/2 acres). The town site was laid out around the school. In 1850, a two-story building now known as Old College Hall was constructed for the Academy. In 1850 the Donation Land Act was passed.

When was Forest Grove High School built?

1907Forest Grove High School / Founded

How many 6A football teams are in Oregon?

Just five teams — Central Catholic (three), Lake Oswego (two), Jesuit, Sheldon, West Linn, Clackamas — have won the 6A state championship since 2011. What’s more, Sheldon (two), Lake Oswego (two), Central Catholic, Jesuit, Tigard and West Linn finished second in eight of the nine championship games during that span.

Who is the principal of Forest Grove?

Forest Grove Elementary

County Monterey
Administrator Buck Roggeman Principal (831) 646-6560 [email protected]
Status Active
Open Date July 1, 1959
School Type Elementary Schools (Public)

What’s the best high school football team in Oregon?

2021 Football Rankings

Team Name & Logo League APR OSAA Ranking
Lake Oswego 6A-SD5 Special District 5 #1 1 1
West Linn 6A-SD5 Special District 5 #2 2 2
Tualatin 6A-SD5 Special District 5 #3 3 3
Central Catholic 6A-SD4 Special District 4 #1 4 4

How many d1 schools are there in Oregon?

List of NCAA Division I Schools

State Name Number of NCAA Dividion I Schools
Ohio 13
Oklahoma 4
Oregon 4
Pennsylvania 14

What is d1 double A?

Division I-AA: (123 member institutions) – a cost containment football classification. * Can sponsor two fewer (14) varsity sports for men and women. * Can offer no athletic aid in football or up to 63 full grants.

What school district is Forest Grove in?

District Name: Forest Grove SD 15 schools for this district NCES District ID: 4105160 State District ID: OR-00000000002241
Mailing Address: 1728 Main St Forest Grove, OR 97116-2737 Physical Address: 1728 Main St Forest Grove, OR 97116-2737 Phone: (503)357-6171
Type: Local school district Status: Open Total Schools: 10
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