Does Oxford Uni have open days?

Virtual Open Day 2021 Our 2022 Open Days will be taking place on 29 and 30 June, and 16 September and are being planned as in-person events in Oxford. You can find more information and register to receive future updates on our website.

How hard is it to get into Oxford Medicine?

Unsurprisingly, given its excellent reputation, Medicine at Oxford is also one of the most competitive degrees to get into at any UK university. In 2020, only 9.2% of male applicants received places, while just 8% of female applicants got an offer.

Are colleges in Oxford open to public?

Things to see and do at Oxford University Many University buildings, such as gardens, libraries and museums, as well as many of the colleges, are open to visitors during the day, although please note that they may have varying opening hours, fees and rules for groups.

What is the acceptance rate for Oxford Medicine?


UCAS code A100 Duration
Entrance requirements A*AA (excluding Critical Thinking, Thinking Skills and General Studies) Subject requirements
Admissions test(s) Written work
Admissions statistics* Interviewed: 25% Successful: 9% Intake: 159 *3-year average 2019-21 Contact

What are virtual open days?

Like the name implies, virtual open days are open houses that take place online, rather than in-person.

When did Oxford University Open?

1096, Oxford, United KingdomUniversity of Oxford / Founded

Is Cambridge or Oxford better for medicine?

For Medicine, for instance, Oxford is ranked 1st while Cambridge is ranked 5th. Nonetheless, these are considerably minor differences, and both medical schools are world-class.

Which Oxford college is best for medicine?

What Oxford Colleges Offer Medicine?

  • Jesus.
  • Keble.
  • Lady Margaret Hall.
  • Lincoln.
  • Magdalen.
  • Merton.
  • New.
  • Oriel.

Which medical school has the highest acceptance rate UK?

Here are the best medical schools in the UK, according to QS Rankings 2021 by Subject Medicine:

  • London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
  • The University of Manchester – 56.1% acceptance rate.
  • University of Glasgow – 70% acceptance rate.
  • Queen Mary University of London – 43.6% acceptance rate.

What is a university open day like?

It’s a time when you can freely wander around the university, have a look at student accommodation, check out computer, library and cafe facilities, and generally get a feel for the place.

Are virtual open days good?

Virtual open days, like the real thing, are a great way to explore what a provider has to offer, and see if you can picture yourself as a student there. You’ll probably be asked to register in advance, and then go to the university website or follow a link on the day.

Is Oxford better than Cambridge for Medicine?

How long is Medicine at Oxford?

Oxford’s six-year traditional Medicine course consists of practicals, lectures and tutorials and provides students with the understanding needed to enter clinical Medicine.

What grades do you need to get into Oxford medical school?

Academic entry requirements Our standard entry requirements are: A-levels: A*AA in three A-levels (excluding Critical Thinking and General Studies) taken in one academic year. Candidates are required to achieve at least grade A in both Chemistry and at least one of Biology, Physics or Mathematics.

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