Does Logic Pro work with MIDI keyboard?

Adding a MIDI keyboard controller to some powerful production software like Logic Pro X can take your creative abilities to a whole new level, as they work together to give you even more options in sounds and effects.

How do you use a MIDI controller on Logic Pro?

Enable a USB MIDI controller for automatic assignment The first time you connect a supported USB MIDI controller, a dialog appears, asking if you want to use the device as a control surface. To have Logic Pro automatically assign the controls on the device to Smart Controls and other functions: click Auto Assign.

Which MIDI keyboard works best with logic?

5 Best MIDI Keyboard Controllers For Logic Pro X

  • 2.1 Arturia Keylab MK II – Best MIDI Controller For Logic Pro X. 2.1.1 Pros.
  • 2.2 Novation Launchkey Mini MK3. 2.2.1 Perfect For Beginner Producers Or For On The Go.
  • 2.3 Nektar Panorama T6. 2.3.1 Pros.
  • 2.4 Roland A-88 MK II. 2.4.1 Pros.
  • 2.5 Akai Professional MPK 225. 2.5.1 Pros.

Do you need a MIDI controller for Logic Pro?

A keyboard that works with Ableton or Pro Tools is also going to work with Logic Pro X. The MIDI interface is, after all, about interoperability. So keep this in mind when you’re in the market for a Logic Pro controller. Any controller will do the job, even if it doesn’t have clear integration with the DAW.

How do you turn a MIDI keyboard into a soundboard?


  1. Connect your MIDI controller to your computer.
  2. Open JackAudio, start it.
  3. Launch Ardour.
  4. Launch PureData, open the Media menu, then click on jack , ALSA-MIDI and MIDI Settings…
  5. In PureData open soundboard.
  6. Go back to Jack Audio open the Graph window.
  7. Go back to Ardour and start recording!

Why isn’t my MIDI keyboard showing up logic?

At the top left of your screen, click ‘Logic Pro’ -> Preferences -> MIDI. This will open up the MIDI settings. If you click on the right-most tab “Inputs” you can also see all of the input sources Logic can see. All of these should be ticked, to show that Logic is accepting input from all of these places.

Can you use a MIDI as a sampler?

There are numerous recordings available on the internet for free. These recordings are referred to as samples. After you load a sample into the MIDI keyboard, you can start mapping it according to your keys. Recording an entire instrument and recording the sound with a MIDI keyboard is called Multi-sampling.

Can I use my keyboard as a sound board?

Soundplant turns your computer keyboard into a versatile, low latency sound trigger and playable instrument. Via drag & drop, easily assign sound files of any format and length onto 88 keyboard keys, creating custom soundboards that put hours of instantly-playing audio at your fingertips with no extra hardware needed.

How do I record MIDI and audio at the same time in logic?

Short answer : If you want to record to an Audio and a MIDI-track simultaneously, select the Audio-track in the Arrange window, record-enable it, and then select the MIDI track while holding the Shift key. Both tracks will now be selected and record-enabled.

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