Does Delhi University have sports quota?

As per the university’s existing guidelines, the colleges are allowed to admit up to five per cent of its students under the sports and ECA quota. Delhi University Vice Chancellor Yogesh Singh on Tuesday released DU admission policy for the academic year 2022-23.

How many seats are reserved for sports quota in Delhi University?

3291 seats are reserved for ECA and sports quota, out of which 2075 are sports quota seats, while 1216 are ECA seats.

Which sports are included in sports quota in DU?

DU Sports Quota Admission

  • Olympic Games by International Olympic Committee (IOC)
  • Asian Games by the Olympic Council of Asia.
  • World Championship/ World Cup by International Sports Federations (ISF)
  • Asian Championships by International Sports Federations (ISF)
  • Commonwealth Games by Commonwealth Games Federations (CGF)

Is sports available in Delhi University?

The following sports facilities are available in Delhi University Sports Council(DUSC):…Delhi University Sports Council.

1 Archery (Men & Women)
10 Football (Men & Women)
11 Gymnastics (Men & Women)
12 Handball (Men & Women)
13 Hockey (Men & Women)

What is the eligibility for sports quota?

Out of 60 marks (maximum) in sports trials candidates need to secure at least 30 marks (50% marks) in order to be eligible for GU admissions 2018 under Sports quota. Besides, candidates should not be employed (part-time/ full-time) anywhere while pursuing a UG course at GU.

How can I get admission in DU sports quota?

In order to apply for admission under the sports quota, candidates need to fill the online application form released on the official website of Delhi University (DU). An applicant can apply in a maximum of three games/sports.

Which colleges in DU have sports quota?

List of DU Colleges Offering Seats in Sports Quota

Name of the Sport Colleges Offering Seats Played by
Athletics Daulat Ram College Men and Women
Cross Country Sri Aurobindo College Men
Badminton Hansraj College Men and Women
Institute of Home Economics Women

How many colleges in DU have sports quota?

15 Colleges In DU Which Offer The Best Sports Facilities For The Superjock In You.

Which DU college is best for sports?

15 Colleges In DU Which Offer The Best Sports Facilities For The Superjock In You

  • Hansraj College. Picture Credits: Manoj Nama.
  • Hindu College.
  • Sri Venkateswara College.
  • Indraprastha College For Women.
  • Kirori Mal College.
  • Shri Ram College Of Commerce.
  • Ramjas College.
  • Kamala Nehru College.

Which DU is best for sports?

What documents are required for sports quota?

Anyway let me share you which is common to all. Students have to submit winning or participation certificate. The students should be active in sports. Further there are fitness test in which the candidates has to pass.

Does SRCC have sports quota?

31 seats (both boys & girls) are reserved for admission on the basis of sports.

Which DU college is best in sports?

Is DU good for sports?

If you’re a sports enthusiast then this college is a great option for you. They have facilities for games like Volleyball, Football, Cricket, Boxing, Basketball, Archery and Athletics. In fact, if you have the talent & skills, you can even apply to this college under the sports quota!

Is chess under sports quota?

Apart from this Kho-Kho, Cricket and Chess will stay in the sports quota. Previously 33 games were included under sports quota but now only 27 games will remain.

Is there sports quota in IIT?

No. There is no sports quota for admission in IITs.

Is there sports quota in NIT?

Indian institute of technology has no reservation for sports quota. The only people who get reservation are Scheduled casts and schedule tribes and Other backward classes.

What is the benefits of sports quota?

The aim of the sports quota is to financially support sportsmen in the country so that they get proper resources to represent themselves and their teams in various sports. Universities such as Delhi University (DU) Also Offer Admission Through Sports Quota.

Can I get job through sports quota?

ITBP, CRPF, and BSF recruit sportsperson under the sports quota on the post of constable (generally). 5% reservation is given to sportspersons along with additional increments. Apart from these, sportspersons get preference in different jobs, where they are given preference in marks and tiebreaker.

How do you use sports quota?

Universities such as Delhi University (DU) also have a sports quota for admission. A person who has been recognized as a recognized sportsperson by the Central or State Government is eligible for Sports Quota positions in both the central and state governments.

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