Do mementos do anything Neko Atsume?

Besides fish, sometimes your feline guests might leave you a memento. Mementos are cute, rare items that you can collect. They hold no real use besides having a ton of bragging rights, because a memento means you’ve nabbed a cat’s heart. The best way to get a memento is by having a cat visit multiple times.

How do you get socks in Neko Atsume?

Questions & Answers. Question: How do you get Socks memento in Neko Atsume? Answer: Socks will give you his memento, at random, one of the times that he visits you. The best thing to do is to put down all of his favorite toys to encourage him to visit multiple times.

How do you attract Lexy Neko Atsume?

If you do get stuck and cant lure Lexy to your yard, then try these goodies.

  1. Earthenware Pot.
  2. Snowy Pillow.
  3. Orange Coccoon.
  4. Snow Dome.
  5. Cardboard Cafe.
  6. Royal Bed.
  7. Hot Mat (Small)
  8. Carp Tunnel.

What goodies does pepper like?

Goodies That Attract Pepper

Boxes & Beds Baskets, Heating, etc.
Shopping Box (Large) Glass Vase
Treasure Box Goldfish Bowl
Black Head Space Honey Pot
Burger Cushion Kokeshi Pot (Flow)

What toys give the most gold fish Neko Atsume?

Cardboard House/Zanzibar Cushion: Again for Gold Fish, but both of these items lure certain rare cats who happen to be very generous with the Gold Fish, and will quickly net you a higher return on your investment. The Zanzibar Cushion, in particular, is good, because it only takes up one space.

Does Tubbs eat thrifty bits?

Trivia. Thrifty Bitz is one of the three foods that Tubbs will not eat.

Does Tubbs eat bonito?

Luring Tubbs with Food. Go to the shop and buy some expensive food using gold fish. Tubbs is not attracted to the normal food that you can regularly refill. Instead, buy some Sashimi, Bonito Bitz, and other foods found in the shop section.

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