Can you sleep with a Stealth Belt?

Yes, you can sleep in your Stealth Belt. You can comfortably wear it twenty-four hours a day. The Stealth Belt helps prevent movement and shifting around of the ostomy bag which can wake you up when you roll over, or cause skin irritation around your stoma area.

How do you wash a Stealth Belt?

Machine wash your Stealth Belt on gentle cycle in warm water, using no bleach. For extra care, you may place Stealth Belt inside a pillow case to wash. Machine dry Stealth Belt on delicate cycle or drip dry flat. For longer durability, you may hand wash and drip dry your Stealth Belt.

What is a Stealth Belt used for?

A Stealth Belt is a custom ostomy support belt that is specially designed to hold your ostomy appliance securely and discreetly in place against your body.

How does an ostomy belt work?

Belts may help to pull that system into the abdomen, increasing the tension of the flange against the skin. The combined tension of the convexity and the belt may help to flatten out skin folds, to make stomas tip up (draining better into the pouch), or to prevent seepage of stool under the flange.

Do I need an ostomy belt?

Attached to the stoma are ostomy appliances, which hold the waste. If you’re someone who has a stoma or ostomy appliances, then you need to consider using an ostomy belt. An ostomy belt brings ostomy patients many great benefits including better comfort and security.

Can you wear high waisted jeans with a stoma?

High-waisted pants will fit more comfortably over your stoma. Pleated pants are best for concealing your bag; the folds will distract from the area. Alternatively, try wearing maternity pants. This style of pants features a band that’s already attached to the waist and will adequately cover your ostomy bag.

Can you lie on your front with a stoma?

The most popular positions amongst ostomates tends to be on your back or on your side. While sleeping on your front is considered the most comfortable by many, it can put pressure on your stoma and bag which can cause problems. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get used to sleeping on either your back or your side.

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