Can you purchase extended warranty on Honda?

You can only purchase a Honda extended warranty from a Honda dealership before your new vehicle limited warranty expires. After that, you’ll want to look at third-party options.

What kind of extended warranty does Honda offer?

Honda Care program
Honda offers an extended warranty called the Honda Care program, which can be purchased any time before the Honda warranty expires at 3 years/36,000 miles and can provide coverage for up to 8 years/120,000 miles.

How much does extended warranty cost Canada?

between $500 to $2,000
How Much Does An Extended Warranty Cost? An extended car warranty can cost between $500 to $2,000. It depends on your manufacturer as well as the length of the warranty.

Is AC covered under Honda extended warranty?

Luckily, the components of the heating and air conditioning system of your Honda are covered under the Plus extended warranty. Components include: The air conditioner compressor control unit. Blower motor and resistor.

Does Honda have a 10 year extended warranty?

Honda Care – Honda’s Extended Warranty Plan Honda Care is Honda’s extended warranty offering, which is also known as a vehicle service protection plan. Honda Care extended warranty plan terms run up to 8 years or 120,000 miles, but can be purchased for 6 years/80,000 miles and 7 years/100,000 miles.

Are brakes covered under Honda new car warranty?

It only covers parts considered to be normal maintenance items, like spark plugs, filters, and brake pads, if they are defective.

Is brakes covered under Honda warranty?

With Honda Care, Roadside Assistance, and Honda Limited Warranty, your Honda is covered from the engine to the braking systems. And you can take advantage of helpful services such as rental car reimbursement and tow services that are there when you need them most.

Does changing your own oil void warranty Honda?

Unless they are doing it for free, do it yourself. Just keep documentation/receipts for the oil/filter along w/ date/mileage when changed and they can’t deny you warranty coverage.

Does doing your own oil change void warranty in Canada?

In case something does go wrong with your motor, at least you will have proof of all your oil changes. Certain dealerships may have different policies though so it wouldn’t hurt calling them up.

Are key fobs covered under warranty Honda?

New Vehicle Limited Warranty Honda will repair or replace any part that is defective in material or workmanship under normal use. Original equipment batteries for key fobs and remotes and original equipment wiper blade inserts are covered for the first 6 months that you own the vehicle.

Is it worth buying extended warranty on Honda CRV?

Yes, it’s worth buying an extended warranty on a used car. Buying a used car has tons of benefits; they usually have a lower price tag, hold their value for a longer amount of time, and most dealerships (including ours) have a larger variety for you to choose from.

Is AC compressor covered under Honda warranty?

Luckily, the components of the heating and air conditioning system of your Honda are covered under the Plus extended warranty. Components include: The air conditioner compressor control unit.

Does changing tires void warranty?

NOTHING will void your warranty. Warranty claims can be DENIED if an aftermarket part can be proven to have been a direct cause of the problems. It doesn’t mean that dealers won’t go as far as they can to deny your claim – but you have clearly documented rights. Wheels and tires aren’t a concern at all.

Does Honda offer extended warranty?

The Honda Care factory extended warranty can last up to 8 years or 120,000 miles after your new vehicle warranty expires. While this seems impressive, plans from third-party warranty companies such as CARCHEX offer up to 10 years of coverage at a considerably lower average cost.

What is covered by Honda’s extended warranty?

Honda’s extended warranty covers a wide range of your vehicles electrical components including any Genuine Honda electrical accessories. Electrical components such as: When it’s freezing cold in the winter, and blazing hot in the summer, you deserve to ride comfortably at the perfect temperature in your Honda.

How much does a Honda extended warranty cost?

When you choose to purchase from a third-party extended warranty provider rather than the dealer, you may find the terms of your plan to be more flexible. According to, a Honda extended warranty that lasts 7 years/100,000 miles with a $0 deductible would cost $2,950.

When to buy Extended auto warranty?

They would say you’re nuts. But many people buy an extended warranty when they buy a new car and that warranty doesn’t even go into effect for three years! Buying the warranty when you buy the car is easier, sure; you can roll the cost into your monthly payment. And most warranties are transferable if you decide to sell.

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