Nowadays, most people simply cannot imagine their lives without the Internet. Almost all people read the news, various blogs, and articles and thanks to them they get a lot of information. But not many people think about how does this information appear on various sites, whether they are informational or scientific. Have you ever thought who writes articles and provides you with information? I will tell you.

They are called copywriters. And this is not the worst job, it is well paid one. But if you are a beginner in it just try to write an essay to have more practice in your writing skill. Probably, each of us studied at school or college, or university and so on some time ago, and of course, someone is studying now. During all our study we not only get knowledge and listen to our teacher attentively but also we have to do some writing works like essay for example. And if it is easy for you, it can be really difficult for your friend on the other hand. So it is a good way to raise some money just writing an essay for him. Let’s have a look at it.

How does it work?

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Well, first of all, let’s think who and why needs your help. All of us were asked to write texts on a given topic during his study. The most common topics are “How did I spend the summer/Christmas/ New Year” or “Your favourite book/film/holiday”. Personally, every time I wrote one such essay, I thought about how to avoid such tasks, but I couldn’t even think that I could ever get money for my writing skills. But this lasted only until I learned about copywriting and rewriting, the next stage in writing. But the first thoughts are “Can I do it well?” and “Can I find clients and where can I do it?”. But one of the most important thought is “Do people really pay for it ?” I will answer for you on this question – “Yes, people, especially students are ready to pay some money for their essay”. And of course, there are some reasons for it.

First of all, it is their laziness, They don’t want to spend too much time trying to write their work. So they prefer to pay money not to waste their time. Secondly, to write a good essay they need to have special knowledge for it, they should be great in this topic and if they are not, they just give money for their essay. So in these cases, everyone is happy as the first one has time to relax and hobbies and the second one can have additional income. And the cost isn’t very small. But this depends on the quality of the work and the topic. The harder and more unusual topic, the price is higher.

In order to save time and effort, the customer hires copywriters/rewriters and pays them for writing/remaking texts. It saves time, and it gets the opportunity to earn money.

How much can you earn?

A good copywriter earns $50-100 for a thousand characters of the text, and an excellent copywriter from $300 and more for a thousand characters. If you want to be a good specialist, you need to improve your writing skills To do this, it is enough to write high-quality texts, observe punctuation and be good at spelling.

At the first time, of course, you will have to work a lot and you will get a very little money, but then you can gain fame and rate on the stock exchange and there will gradually appear loyal customers who will like your style and your earnings will slowly but surely growing up. And maybe they will not grow slowly, who knows? It all depends on you.

Where can you find your clients?

However, you can’t earn if you don’t have clients. So where can you find them? There are a few ways. Firstly you can use the Internet for this. There is a huge amount of different sites where you can find orders or you can leave your personal details and the client will find you. Also, there are specialized sites for those, who don’t want to write by himself. There is the cheapest essay writing service and it’s named ““. But in this case, you have to take not all money but only a part of it. However, you will also have new orders and this is very convenient for both sides. Well, the Internet is the fastest way for a performer to find a customer and the easiest way not to work and worry for the customer.

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