Can you complete worst nightmare after story?

You are able to do the challenges now that the game is complete, the same as you would during the normal campaign. HOWEVER, while the Shadow Vigilante and Gotham Protector tracks should be just as easy to complete as during the story, the Worst Nightmare Track is not.

What is a hanging ledge takedown?

If it’s the same as the other games, it’s when your hanging off the edge of a ledge or railing, and pull an enemy over the ledge/railing who is above you. No,which you said is called a “Ledge takedown”. The hints of the challenge says:”Performed while standing on a ledge with anenemy directly below”.

How do you use the Sonic Batarang?

Just throw the sonic batarang on the ground in a secluded space where the enemy won’t be seen by other enemies and someone will be lured there, then use your preferred takedown method. If your problem persists I’d say it’s a bug and should be reported.

How does Batman do Silent Takedown?

Just walk up to them from behind or from corner cover and *silently* take them down. Learn to ignore certain prompts; just because a move is available doesn’t make it desirable.

How do you do an environmental takedown on a computer?

Environment Takedown.” Environmental objects have a soft blue glow to them. When you’re within the vicinity of one and so is an enemy, the enemy will also acquire this blue glow. At this point you either look at the object or the enemy and just SPACE + LMB and it’ll wreck them.

How do you drop Penguin in Arkham Knight?

Head around the walkway to a wall grate and slide down underneath Penguin. When you are ready, leap out and start interrogating Penguin. Several thugs will try and stop you, so be ready to counter their attempts.

How do you do a fear takedown through a wooden wall?

Fear Multi-Takedown through a weak wooden wall There are two weak wooden walls in the area – one inside the glass-walled restaurant area and another outside by the Sentry Gun. Enter the grating near the Sentry Turret (left). Use the Voice Synthesizer to lure enemies to the wall (right).

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