Are Juhi Chawla and Madhuri Dixit friends?

The divas are two of the most popular stars of the 90s. They were considered to be thick competitors and were always pitted against each other for their acting skills. But later they forged a friendship that is even stronger than it was before, and now the duo keeps showering each other with love on social media.

Are Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla related?

While Madhuri has been married to Dr Shriram Nene since 1999, Juhi has been married to industrialist Jay Mehta since 1995. The two actors appeared on Koffee with Karan in 2014, when host Karan Johar pointed out that each of them has worked with several top stars, but didn’t marry them.

Who is better Madhuri or Juhi?

Both were good but Juhi is a better actress. Juhi had great chemistry with Aamir, SRK & Anil.

Who is the best friend of Madhuri Dixit?

Currently, Madhuri Dixit is working on many shows as a judge and dance instructor. Today on the occasion of friendship day, Madhuri received a beautiful surprise from her childhood best friend Swapna. Swapna shared a beautiful video talking about her friendship with Madhuri.

What happened between Madhuri and Juhi?

In her interviews, Juhi has said that the reason they probably did not work together was because there was lot of competition between actresses at that time. Madhuri, however, says she never thought of Juhi as a competitor and it was finally inspiring to work with her in the film, releasing on March 7.

Who is better Sridevi or Madhuri?

Sri Devi won 5 Filmfare Best Actress Awards, and has given some career-defining performances in films like Sadma, Lamhe and more recently, English Vinglish. That said, when it comes to dance and being hot, Madhuri Dixit is leagues and miles above her. A Dhak Dhak Karne Laga is infinitely hotter than Kaate Nahi Katte.

Is Juhi Chawla a good actress?

She was one of the very few actresses who could carry out any role with ease. She reflected innocence and charm in every role she played. She carried herself well , kept away from controversies. Shahrukh- juhi, Aamir- juhi pairing were very popular those days.

Who is Madhuri crush?

Mumbai: She has been the school time crush of several of her fans, but the lady with a million dollar smile, Madhuri Dixit says she was way too straightforward as a young girl and never had a crush on anyone.

Is Madhuri Dixit from South India?

Madhuri Dixit was born on 15 May 1967 into a Marathi Kokanastha Brahmin family in Bombay (present-day Mumbai) to Shankar and Snehlata Dixit.

Who is Hrithik Roshan crush?

Hrithik Roshan gets a reply from his childhood crush Gal Gadot after he appreciates her for ‘Wonder Woman’

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