Are Cub Campers Made in Australia?

MANUFACTURED IN AUSTRALIA Cub has a comprehensive range of camper trailers, with each and every model manufactured in the Cub factory in NSW, Australia. The chassis is welded together using Australian Steel supplied by Blue Scope Steel.

How much is a new Cub camper?

Priced from $29,995, the new Cub Campers Scout costs significantly less than Cub’s first family-friendly, forward-fold camper, the off-road spec Frontier introduced in 2016, which currently retails for around $40,000 but includes more features including off-road coil suspension as standard.

How much is the Cub drifter?

As we mentioned, the Cub Drifter has a starting price of $48,990, but the unit were looking at here is equipped with a huge number of optional extras. They include: Drawbar Upgrade (extended by 400mm)

Is Black Series Australian made?

Like the latest Black Series camper trailers, the new off-road caravans are largely built in China, with final assembly including fitment of locally-sourced European and Australian fittings and appliances completed at the company’s Sydney factory.

How much is a Cub drifter camper trailer?

Are MDC trailers made in China?

MDC Campers to offer cheaper AusRV caravans, hybrids and campers in 2019. After two years building AusRV caravans in Brisbane and refining them to Australian conditions and tastes, the Market Direct Group (MDC) is relocating manufacture of the composite-walled off-road caravans to its facilities in China.

Are Black Series caravans made in China?

It is said that Black Series Campers have company connections with China. Originally designed for the rigors of the Australian outback, it appears that GIC formed connections with factories in China to construct some parts of the campers.

Is the Cub supamatic escape a good travel trailer?

Overall the Cub Supamatic Escape is an easy trailer. Easy to tow, easy to set up and easy on the wallet. Lightweight yet tough construction and a history of over 40 years manufacturing makes this trailer one that you need to look at of you are going to travel the black top without breaking the back or budget.

What is Cub camper?

Cub Camper creates trailers with the outdoor explorer in mind, making sure that you’ll have access to all the essentials that you need to make your next trip the most memorable one yet. Why Cub? Cub trailers are hand made here in Australia to ensure that we create the very best campers for all the adventurers out there.

How much does a cub supamatic weigh?

much lighter than they really are. Cub claims the ratings for the Supamatic is 65kg and with an overall weight of only 595kg we can believe it. While we didn’t weigh the Supamatic it was light enough that I could pick up the front of the trailer.

Is the Cub supamatic Regal a good second hand?

we bought our cub supamatic regal second hand back in early 2011. i was in as new condition and looked as good as new . Overall it is excellent for the family getaways, with reasonable storage for all of our gear. I added a toolbox to the a frame to store such things as jockey wheel , battery chargers and such gear.

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