Are characters giving autographs at Disney?

Today, April 18, Disney officially dropped the social distancing at character dining and meet and greets and Guests can once again hug Disney characters! It’s great to see Disney characters once again giving out hugs, autographs, and more personalized experiences.

Is Disney doing meet and greets with characters?

Experiences had been modified since March 2020 – Walt Disney World has brought back its traditional character meet-and-greets to the theme parks and resort hotels. Guests will once again get the chance to receive a hug, selfie or even an autograph from some of their favorite Disney characters.

Can you still get autographs at Disney World 2021?

Unfortunately, the modifications to Character Experiences mean you won’t be able to get character autographs at this time. Instead, I suggest you look into Character Dining options, because select dining locations may hand you an autographed keepsake card from the characters at their location.

Is Disney doing autographs December 2021?

The Walt Disney World Resort is committed to being intentional and gradual in their approach to health and safety protocols in an effort to provide a safe and magical visit for all Guests. As part of this phased reopening, Characters are not signing autograph books at this time.

Is Disney doing character meet and greets 2021?

Disney Character meet and greets originally returned in October 2021 in a socially distanced way. Then on April 18th traditional character meet and greets started returning but there are a still a few experiences that aren’t back. Now that the characters are in fixed locations it also makes planning easier.

Is Disney World doing character meet and greets 2021?

Character meet-and-greets returned to Disney World in October 2021 in a modified way known as “sightings,” or interactions in which guests could once again meet with characters individually and take photos from a distance, with no hugging or autographs allowed.

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