Why is my plasma cutter sputtering?

This is caused when the high frequency can’t penetrate the high-pressure barrier that exists between the electrode and nozzle. To correct this, double-check the factory-recommended settings for gas pressure and flow to ensure that the pressure is at the right level for optimal performance.

How long do plasma cutters last?

Usually, in normal conditions, we can say that the electrode will wear out first during machine cutting. Typical life time of a set of consumable should last about 1 to 3 hours for about 120 A of mechanized cutting, it’s in function of the job. Cutting at lower current may gets longer consumable life.

Which of the following is a common issue when plasma cutting?


Problems Cause of Issue
Plasma cutting torch burn out 1. the metal pressure cap is not compressed
2. cutting torch conductive joints loose, broken cable trachea, water-cooled torch interface leakage
3. cutting torch joints poor insulation

Why is my plasma cutter overheating?

Travel speed too slow: A slow travel speed when cutting can also cause the torch consumables to overheat and wear out parts prematurely. Be sure to move the tool at a sufficient speed, particularly at higher amperage.

Do plasma cutters overheat?

When a plasma system overheats, it also will cost you time and money. An overheating plasma system will wear out torch parts quickly and eventually may burn out the torch and leads. If the problem goes uncorrected, you may have to replace a motor and pump.

How do you maintain a plasma cutter?

Proper maintenance of a plasma cutting machine is critical to ensure cut quality, within-tolerance parts, longer consumables life, and to avoid downtime….Routine Daily checks

  1. Verify the inlet gas pressure.
  2. Inspect the air filters.
  3. Check the coolant level.
  4. Clean the torch body.
  5. Clean the torch leads.
  6. Check the gas quality.

Why is the cooling water switched on and off with the plasma?

12. Why must the cooling water be turned off when the plasma cutting torch is not being used? To prevent condensation from forming in the torch.

At what temperature do plasma cutters operate?

The heat of a plasma cutter can reach an impressive temperature of 25,000 degrees Celsius. To put this into perspective, it is hotter than the surface of the sun which sits at a comfortable 5,505 degrees Celsius.

Do you need an air compressor to run a plasma cutter?

First, the arc heats the metal until it’s semi-gaseous. Second, the plasma is forced by blasts of air to finish the cut. Therefore, all plasma cutters need an air compressor to generate enough air pressure for the task. If you buy a plasma cutter without a built-in source of air, you’ll need a separate air compressor.

What happens if the standoff distance becomes too close?

As the standoff distance changes, the kerf width and top edge of the plate can be adversely affected and touching the nozzle to the metal may result in instantly destroying the tip.

Does a plasma cutter get hot?

What happens if the standoff distance is increased?

At what temp does air become plasma?

To achieve this energy by heat alone requres a very high temperature. To achieve a tmperature high enough to have 1 electron volt of energy the temperature would have to be 12,000 degrees K. (A very high temperature indeed!)

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