Why do I feel a lump on my tailbone?

Pilonidal cysts occur when loose hairs get trapped underneath the skin near the tailbone. Your body treats this hair as a foreign object and forms a cyst around it. Activities that cause pressure and friction can trigger a pilonidal cyst, such as sitting for prolonged periods, biking, and wearing tight clothes.

What does a cyst on tailbone feel like?

A small dimple or large swollen area between your buttocks. This is usually the pilonidal cyst. You may notice the area is red and feels tender. An abscess with draining pus or blood.

Can a tailbone cyst be cancerous?

You might even wonder, “Are pilonidal cysts cancerous?” Fortunately, although they are unpleasant, pilonidal cysts rarely pose an extreme danger. In a very few cases, the site can develop cancerous growths, but the chances of this happening to you are quite slim.

Do pilonidal cysts go away on their own?

Even after the pus is gone, the sinus tract will remain as part of your body. In other words, a pilonidal cyst will never truly go away on its own. As long as the tract is there, it has the potential to become infected again.

What does a tailbone tumor feel like?

When chordoma starts at the base of the skull you may have headaches or double vision. Chordoma near the tailbone can cause pain down your legs and trouble controlling your bladder or bowels. Imaging: When you have symptoms of chordoma, your doctor will take an image of your spine using an MRI to look at the size of the tumor and where it is.

What are the risks of having pimples in my tailbone?

– loss of pelvic bone stability – leg weakness – bowel or bladder control issues – loss of sensation in the area of the groin

Do I have a tumor on my tailbone?

Most of the time, tailbone pain isn’t serious. It can sometimes be a sign of an injury. In very rare cases, tailbone pain can be a sign of cancer. You may get an X-ray or MRI scan to look for signs of injury, such as a bone fracture or a tumor pressing on the bone.

What would a hard lump on the tailbone be?

benign tumors,such as a tailgut cyst

  • bruise,dislocation,or break from trauma
  • proctitis
  • prolonged sitting on a narrow or hard surface
  • anal fissure
  • loosening of ligaments around the coccyx in the last trimester of pregnancy
  • degenerative joint changes
  • vaginal childbirth
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