Why did Marion steal the money in Psycho?

Marion, a secretary, steals $40,000 in cash from her employer in order to help her boyfriend pay off his debts and then flees with the money.

How is Marion portrayed in Psycho?

Marion is violating sexual conventions, but she’s determined to stop, and behave like a “good girl” circa 1960. Marion’s guilty about stealing the money, too. She’s no hardened criminal; she practically gives herself away every time she encounters anyone.

What is Norman’s hobby in Psycho?

Following his father’s death, he began to show signs of being mentally disturbed. At some point, he took up the hobby of taxidermy.

What do the birds mean in Psycho?

Literally he is referring to his taxidermy, but it is actually a double entendre. He compares Marion to a bird earlier in the scene, and ‘bird’ is slang for a desirable woman, and of course, the word ‘stuff’ can be a euphemism for sex.

What techniques are used to add to the suspense after Marion steals the money?

Although she has stolen a large amount of money from her employer, Hitchcock uses a range of techniques – including camera techniques, acting, mise-en-scene, editing, lighting and sound – to make the audience identify with her. While she is packing, Hitchcock cuts to Marion taking a shirt from the closet.

Is Norman Bates a psychopath?

Despite the title, Robert Bloch never calls Norman a psychopath. He does, however, call Norma a man-hater who dominated her son and Norman a secret transvestite with a burgeoning interest in the occult. They’re vivid descriptions, but they fall short of our, still evolving, understanding of psychopaths.

What do the birds in Psycho symbolize?

Norman explains that taxidermy is his hobby and he was the one who stuffed the birds. This is the first place in the film where the birds’ relationship to death is overt, as the stuffed birds are a self-referential allusion to death. There is a lot of zoomorphism in the film, exclusively involving birds.

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