Why did Elizabeth leave the Velvet Room?

Should the protagonist accept Margaret’s challenge and defeat her, Elizabeth’s motive of leaving the Velvet Room would later be revealed to be attempting to free the soul of the protagonist of Persona 3 from the seal of Nyx.

What is the Velvet Room Persona?

The Velvet Room (ベルベット・ルーム, Berubetto Rūmu)? is a room located between consciousness and subconsciousness which is commonly featured in the Persona series.

Who sings in the Velvet Room?

Belladonna appears in the Velvet Room, singing the Aria of the Soul with Nameless in the background.

Are the Velvet Room attendants siblings?

Caroline and Justine, or Lavenza, are characters from Persona 5. They are the younger sisters of Margaret, Elizabeth and Theodore and attendant(s) of the protagonist of Persona 5.

Is Igor evil Persona 5?

An Unusual Appearance, But A Useful Ally. To those who have never played any Persona games, Igor looks like some kind of manipulative evil villain — or at least the creepy and dedicated butler of one. They would be partly right though, as he is a servant.

Is Igor in every Persona?

In every Persona game to date, Igor has played the role of Proprietor of the Velvet Room, a space between dream and reality, mind and matter. As the proprietor, Igor provides insight to the protagonists regarding their powers, emotional bonds, and possible dangers that await them in their journey.

Is Igor a Yaldabaoth?

From here, it is finally revealed that “Igor” was actually Yaldabaoth all along. Yaldabaoth tempts the protagonist with a world where the Phantom Thieves are loved and respected.

Who TF is Igor?

Igor is a small drone created from leftover Decepticon parts by Megatron as a “pet”. Igor isn’t very bright, since he’s such a simple life form. In fact, Megatron only built him to do two things: worship his master and consume enough to survive.

Is Igor evil P5?

Is persona inspired by JoJo?

The first Persona game arrived on the scene in 1996, when JoJo had already been a comics mainstay for nearly a decade. The whole concept of Personas in the game is highly reminiscent of the Stands in JoJo, to such an extent that Atlus not basing the idea at least in part on Araki’s manga seems way more unlikely.

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