Who owns dalradian gold?

Orion Resource Partners
We are controlled by a private investment fund managed by Orion Resource Partners, a global alternative investment management firm with approximately $6 billion under management, much of it from US based institutions.

Where is the dalradian mine?

Dalradian has been working in Tyrone since late 2009, under prospecting licences issued by the Department for Economy. By 2018, we had completed 170,000 metres of drilling. We discovered that Curraghinalt contains over six million ounces of gold.

Where can I pan for gold in Northern Ireland?

The estimated total resource (all categories) at the three deposits in the north of Ireland (Curraghinalt, Cavanacaw and Clontibret) now totals approximately 5 million ounces of gold, and it is likely that more will be found.

Is there gold mines in Northern Ireland?

The Omagh gold project, located about 1.5 hours’ drive west of Belfast, in Northern Ireland. (Image courtesy of Galantas Gold.) Galantas Gold (TSX, LON: GAL) is fine-tunning details to begin operations at its Omagh mine in Northern Ireland, with commercial production to start at the end of the current quarter.

Is there gold in the Sperrin Mountains?

Gold mineralisation in this region is now known to have occurred as a consequence of mountain building processes and is referred to as ‘orogenic’ in nature. Currently there are two economically viable deposits in the Sperrin Mountains, and since 2007, Northern Ireland has been home to the only gold mine in the UK.

Where can I pan for gold in Ireland?

A likely source for Irish gold is placer mining in Ireland’s rivers, including the rivers of County Wicklow and the “Gold Coast” of County Waterford.

Is there gold in the rivers in Northern Ireland?

Can diamonds be found in Ireland?

No diamonds or kimberlite intrusions (the most common host rock of diamonds) have been unequivocally shown to exist in Ireland. However, there are intriguing indications that diamondiferous intrusions could be discovered in Northern Ireland.

Where is the best place to find gold Ireland?

The Wexford and Wicklow areas are places that present an opportunity for gold panning from placer deposits or quartz rocks. The quartz rock here contain deposits of gold that wears away and gets mingled with the placer deposits in the local creeks, streams, and rivers.

How much gold is in a Sperrin?

The Sperrin Mountains of Northern Ireland are thought to be hiding about $3.8bn worth of gold. That has drawn the interest of a Canadian mining company. But many people there say they want the metal to stay underground, despite high gold prices and the prospect of new jobs.

Is there gold in the Mourne mountains?

THE MOUNTAINS of Mourne may be fabled in song but now they have a new focus as scientists believe they were the source for most… THE MOUNTAINS of Mourne may be fabled in song but now they have a new focus as scientists believe they were the source for most of Ireland’s prehistoric gold.

What happens if I find gold on my land?

If you did happen to find a large gold deposit on your property and do not own the mineral rights, don’t fear. You do still own the property at least from the ground up. The mineral rights owner cannot simply come and remove you and dig up your property.

Is there diamonds in Ireland?

Is there gold in Irish rivers?

THERE IS MORE gold and platinum in rivers and streams in the southeast of Ireland than previously thought. The Geological Survey of Ireland’s (GSI) Tellus programme made the discovery by applying modern testing methods to stream samples collected in the 1980s.

Can you find gold nuggets in Ireland?

Can you prospect for gold in Ireland?

All gold in the ground in the Republic of Ireland is the property of the state. Recreational gold panning is permitted, but the gold cannot be sold and finds of over 20 flakes or 2 grams (0.064 ozt) must be reported.

Is there gold in the ground in Ireland?

But, it’s true, there is gold in Ireland. Although it is certainly not a major gold mining region in the world, miners have had a fair bit of luck here. There is certainly enough gold left to interest recreational prospectors.

What is Dalradian doing for Tyrone?

Jobs, community development and environmental responsibility. We are building a new future for Tyrone. Dalradian plans to build a mine that benefits the local community, boosts the economy, and respects the Sperrins’ unique landscape. Welcome to our tour!

What is the Dalradian Community Fund?

We established the Dalradian Community Fund (formerly known as the Tyrone Fund) in 2015 to formalise something we had been doing for a long time – supporting local people. To date, we’ve invested almost over £1 million to over 600 community initiatives.

Do you support Dalradian’s planning application?

Dalradian’s planning application is yet to be approved. Join thousands of others and choose progress. Fill in a short form and tell the Department for Infrastructure that you support Dalradian’s plans to create jobs, support the local community and respect the environment. We welcome your questions.

How does Dalradian protect the local environment?

Features that protect the local environment include: Dalradian’s approach to tailings management protects water and soil, and rehabilitates the site throughout operations. We protect water through our advanced water treatment plant. Passive design features will ensure it continues to protect water long after we’re gone.

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