Who is Gianfranco Fini?

Gianfranco Fini was born in Rome in 1936. From a very young age, he developed a great passion for fine arts, also fueled by his father painter. He attended the art school in Rome and, at the age of eighteen, he spent a year in Paris to pursue his artistic studies.

Who is studio Fini Architettura?

A few years later, Gianfranco Fin had the opportunity of designing numerous villas and residences in Casa de Campo, in the Dominican Republic, when in 1991 he moved Studio Fini Architettura. Since then, the Studio has carried out many projects for villas, luxury residences, and tourist planning.

What did Giuseppe Fini design?

After many residential planning projects, theatre and movie set designs, industrial design, and interior decorations, he began specializing in tourism development, resorts, and marinas design. Among these projects is Portorotondo Marina, in Sardinia, where Fini also designed the San Marco Church and the Ceroli Theatre.

Gianfranco Fini in 1992. He then began his political career in the Fronte della Giovent├╣ (Youth Front), the MSI youth organization. Three years later, he moved with his family to Rome. In August 1976 he served his military service in Savona, then in Rome at the Ministry of Defence.

What high school did Gianfranco Fini go to?

Gianfranco Fini attended “Laura Bassi” high school in Bologna. His first known involvement with politics occurred in 1968 when, the 16-year-old Fini was involved in clashes with communist activists, among them a protest in front of a cinema against the screening of the John Wayne movie The Green Berets.

What happened to Giuseppe Fini?

After the electoral victory, on 30 April 2008 after four rounds of voting, Fini was elected President (speaker) of the Chamber of Deputies, with 335 votes from a total of 611. He then resigned the presidency of AN in anticipation of unification with the new People of Freedom party.

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