Who got first place in Produce 101?

Pledis Entertainment’s Zhou Jieqiong takes first place while Jung Chae-yeon, Kim Do-yeon, Kim Se-jeong, Kim Ji-sung, Seo Hye-lin, Park Si-yeon, Kwon Eun-bean, Ki Heui-hyeon (Cathy), Lee Su-hyun, and Jeon So-mi takes 2nd to 11th place respectively.

Did Somi win Produce 101?

Jeon shot to domestic stardom as the first-place winner of the competition series Produce 101 and a member of the series’ project girl group, I.O.I.

When did Somi win Produce 101?

Jeon Somi (전소미) is currently a solo artist under The Black Label. She ranked #1 on the finale of Produce 101 Season 1 and made it into the final lineup for I.O.I.

When did Produce 101 end?

June 16, 2017Produce 101 / Final episode date

Who is the most successful after Produce 101?

After debuting with I.O.I, Produce 101 Season 1 finalist Chungha debuted in 2017, becoming one of the biggest K-pop solo artists today. Many became members of Wanna One, IOI, and IZ One, while other Produce 101 contestants who became K-pop idols include (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon, AB6IX’s Lee Dae-hwi, and WJSN’s Yeonjung.

Did I.O.I disband?

2017I.O.I / Active until

The group’s concert titled Time Slip – I.O.I, which was held on January 20 to 22, 2017, marked their last group activity on stage. They officially disbanded at the end of January 2017 and returned to their respective agencies.

Is produce 101 Japan rigged?

In the statement, they clarified, “We inform you that ‘Produce 101 Japan’ is a Japanese version that is independent from the Korean ‘Produce 101’ and is produced with its own operation system, and it involves absolutely no corruption.”

What is the most popular produce group?

i genuinely think that no other produce group has stood out as much as ioi did. they are without a doubt one of the most iconic groups of all time. sure they may not be the most successful produce group, but they debuted in 2016, a time when kpop wasnt as popular in the west as it is now.

Who became famous from Produce 101?

Who are Somi’s parents?

Matthew Douma
Jeon Sun-hee

Who was rigged out of produce?

Ahn Joon-young and Kim Yong-bum, producers for the Produce 101 series, were arrested on November 5, 2019. Ahn later admitted to manipulating the rankings to all four seasons of the Produce 101 series.

Is produce 48 scripted?

Former trainees from ‘Produce 48’ and ‘Produce 101’ confess they knew the shows were rigged. The trainees who appeared in the ‘Produce’ series confessed that they were aware that the show was fabricated and the votes were manipulated.

Is I.O.I a produce group?

I.O.I (Korean: 아이오아이; also known as IOI or Ideal of Idol) was a South Korean girl group formed by CJ E&M through the 2016 reality show Produce 101 on Mnet….

Origin Seoul, South Korea
Genres K-pop
Years active 2016–2017
Labels YMC CJ E&M Swing Studio Blu

Which produce group is the most successful?

better yet, the best group from any survival show ever. i know, ioi stans in 2020 are pretty rare, but here i am. i genuinely think that no other produce group has stood out as much as ioi did.

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