Who built the Hawker Hurricane?

Hawker Aircraft
Hawker SiddeleyGloster Aircraft CompanyCanadian Car and Foundry
Hawker Hurricane/Manufacturers

How many guns did the Hawker Hurricane have?

Slower than the Spitfire, the Hurricane fought at a disadvantage to the German Bf 109 in climb and dive but proved to be a potent bomber destroyer, the concentrated fire of its eight machine guns literally sawing Luftwaffe bombers in half on occasion.

Which Came First Hurricane or Spitfire?

Work on the Spitfire design actually began several years before the Hurricane, but because it was a more complex and innovative airplane, it took longer to develop. Eventually, 14,000 Hurricanes would be built and 22,000 Spitfires (including Royal Navy Seafires).

What is the difference between a Spitfire and a Hurricane plane?

The Spitfire has a distinctive elliptical wing. The Hurricane has a more regular wing that is rounded. The Hurricane has a rectangular canopy. The Spitfire has a rounded canopy.

Which fighter plane was famously painted light pink for camouflage in WWII?

Pink Spitfires led that effort, blending in with the evening and morning suns to determine the effectiveness of a bombing mission. Their distinctive color camouflage allowed them to blend in with the skies, making these recon missions far less deadly than they could have been.

Why are army planes grey?

Ground camouflage is used to delay visual acquisition from the air of an aircraft that is on or near the ground. Light sand has been used for aircraft used over deserts, blues and greys for aircraft over the sea, and greens and browns for aircraft that are expected to operate in forested areas.

Was there a hurricane in 1938 in the Atlantic Ocean?

The Atlantic hurricane reanalysis project analyzed the 1938 Atlantic hurricane season in 2012, and Weather Bureau forecaster Ivan Ray Tannehill noted that the knowledge of the storm’s existence at the time remained tenuous until September 17 when the cyclone had already increased to a hurricane.

How much damage did the Great 1938 hurricane do to ships?

According to the National Weather Service , a storm surge of 12 to 15 feet destroyed most coastal homes, yacht clubs and marinas on Narragansett Bay. The Great 1938 Hurricane inflicted tremendous damage on shipping. Photo courtesy Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection.

What are the best books about the hurricane of 1938?

Goudsouzian, Aram (2004). The Hurricane of 1938. New England Remembers. Beverly, Mass.: Commonwealth Editions. ISBN 9781889833750. Long, Stephen (2016). Thirty-Eight, The Hurricane that Transformed New England. ISBN 978-0300209518. Aviles, Lourdes B. (2012).

Why was the 1938 hurricane called the Long Island Express?

Due to the lack of technology in 1938, Long Island residents were not warned of the hurricane’s arrival, leaving no time to prepare or evacuate. Long Island was struck first, before New England and Quebec, earning the storm the nickname the “Long Island Express.”.

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