Which country has won the most Commonwealth Games medals?

Commonwealth Games Medal Tally

Country Gold Bronze
Australia 80 59
England 45 46
India 26 20
Canada 15 27

How many medals India won in Commonwealth Games till now?

503 medals
Since their debut in 1934, India have won 503 medals – 181 gold, 173 silver and 149 bronze – at the Commonwealth Games.

Which country won the highest number of medals in the 2018 Commonwealth Games?

At Commonwealth Games 2018, India’s medal tally comprised 66 medals, including 26 golds, 20 silvers and 20 bronze. India ended third, behind Australia and England.. India’s haul at CWG 2018 was led by the shooting contingent, which racked up 16 medals.

Which country had the highest medals tally in the 2010 Commonwealth Games?

Australia led the medal table for the sixth consecutive time with 74 golds and 177 medals overall. Host nation India finished second in the table for the first time in Commonwealth Games history with a tally of 38 golds and 101 medals overall.

Who won 1st Commonwealth Games?

Commonwealth Games Medal Winners

1 1958 Milkha Singh
2 1966 Praveen Kumar
3 1970 Mohinder Singh Gill
4 1974 Mohinder Singh Gill

Who was first Indian who won gold medal in Commonwealth?

Milkha Singh
Milkha Singh won India’s first gold medal in the 440 yards race at the 1958 Commonwealth Games in Cardiff, Wales.

How many gold medals did India won in 2014 Commonwealth Games?

The Glasgow Games had 17 sports and 261 medal events….

India at the 2014 Commonwealth Games
Competitors 215 in 14 sports
Flag bearers Opening: Vijay Kumar Closing: Seema Punia
Medals Ranked 5th Gold 15 Silver 30 Bronze 19 Total 64
Commonwealth Games appearances (overview)

Is gold medal really gold?

According to the International Olympic Committee, gold medals are required to be at least 92.5 percent silver, and are plated with about 6 grams of pure gold.

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