Where is Héctor Lavoe son?

In June 2002, the remains of Lavoe and his son were exhumed at his family’s request and reburied in his native Ponce, along with his widow Nilda who had died a few weeks before. His remains are at the Cementerio Civil de Ponce (Ponce Civil Cemetery), in that city’s Portugués Urbano neighborhood.

Is Héctor Lavoe Cuban?

Héctor was born into a poor, well-known family of musicians in the southern town of Ponce, Puerto Rico in 1946. His grandfather was a singer and composer, his uncle was a famous tres player, and his mother was a singer.

What is Héctor Lavoe most famous song?

Mi Gente. This track came to define the whole career of Hector Lavoe.

Who is Hector Lavoe’s daughter?

Leslie PerezHéctor Lavoe / Daughter

Does Hector Lavoe have a grandson?

GETTY Hector Perez, grandson of Hector Lavoe, the subject of the film, attends the New York premiere of “El Cantante” at the AMC Theatre on July 26, 2007.

What happened to Lavoe’s son Héctor Jr?

Following his rehabilitation, Lavoe’s life was plagued by tragic events, emotional turmoil, and pain. In 1987, his sixteen-year-old son Héctor Jr. was accidentally shot and killed by a friend.

Why is Hector Héctor called Lavoe?

Later in his career he joined other salsa groups including Orquesta New York, Kako All-Stars, and Johnny Pacheco. To distinguish Héctor from other Latino singers, a former manager made him adopt Felipe Rodríguez’s moniker “La Voz” (“The Voice”) and turned it into a stage name, Lavoe.

Is Hector Lavoe the king of salsa?

Retrieved 13 January 2014. ^ “Billboard Hector Lavoe considered the King of salsa and one of the most influential Latin artists”. 28 April 2015. Check |archive-url= value ( help)

What happened to David Lavoe in Santeria?

In 1979, Lavoe became deeply depressed and sought the help of a high priest of the Santería faith to treat his drug addiction. After a short rehabilitation, he relapsed following the deaths of his father, son, and mother-in-law.

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