Where do Kombai Indians live?

province of Papua
The Kombai are a Papuan people of Melanesia living in the Indonesian province of Papua in Western New Guinea.

What do the Kombai eat?

The Kombai are typical hunter gatherers. The men hunt a wide range of prey including cassowary, wild boar and marsupials in the forest using their bows and arrows with their dogs as trackers Pigs are domesticated for ritual use. The staple food is starch harvested from sago palms growing wild in the jungle.

Why do the Korowai and Kombai people of Papua build their houses as much as 40 Metres high in the forest canopy?

The reason behind this amazing architecture which often reaches up to 100 feet or more off the ground is to avoid floods, insects and diseases. It was also a way to spot tribal enemies as the Korowai themselves had practiced cannibalism in the past.

Is Kombai a street dog?

No, they are not. Kombai dogs are short coat indie breeds that do not need much looking after, save regular feeding, exercise, and bonding.

How do you take care of a Kombai dog?

This breed requires less grooming. Sporadic coat brushing is enough to carry its good condition. Frequent bathing is not required. However, regular combing of ears is required, as it is prone to infection.

Why do Korowai live in trees?

It is also a form of protection from biting insects and helps to ward off annoying evil spirits. The chief of the clan we met, Oni, told us one day that living in a tree protects them from evil spirits, because spirits always stay on the ground.

Is Kombai dog intelligent?

Caring for a Kombai Kombais are highly intelligent, loyal to a fault, and very good company. They like to please their masters. Some owners say they are amongst the easiest dogs to train, and they will shower you with love if given the chance.

What is the price of Kombai dog?

INR 5,000 to 9,000
The Kombai dog price ranges from INR 5,000 to 9,000. The male Kombai dog price in Tamil Nadu is INR 6,000 to INR 10,000, and the Female is INR 5,000. Several factors influence the price of the Kombai dogs in South India.

What language do the Korowai speak?

-Guinean language
Korowai (Kolufaup) is a Nuclear-Trans-New-Guinean language spoken in the island of Papua, Indonesia. It is spoken by the Korowai people who live along the Becking River.

What do the Korowai eat?

They harvest sago from the sago palms in their gardens, catch fish from the river, and hunt wild pigs in the bush. The staple food in their diet is sago, and a single household will use one sago tree each week.

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