Where did Sidney Bechet live?

New Orleans
Sidney Bechet left his hometown of New Orleans for good in 1917 and arrived in Chicago the following year. There he joined Will Marion Cook’s band which took him to Europe for the first time near the end of World War I.

Where is Sidney Bechet buried?

Bechet died in Garches, near Paris, of lung cancer on May 14, 1959 on his 62nd birthday. He is buried in a local cemetery.

How old was Sidney Bechet when he died?

62 years (1897–1959)Sidney Bechet / Age at death

What is Sidney Bechet known for?

Sidney Bechet, (born May 14, 1897, New Orleans—died May 14, 1959, Paris), jazz musician known as a master of the soprano saxophone.

Why did Sidney Bechet move to France?

Moved to France By 1949 Bechet responded to offers by European promoters, and left for France to appear at the Paris Jazz Festival. After the festival he returned to America and played a short stint at Jimmy Ryan’s in New York.

Is Sidney Bechet French?

In 1950, Bechet, the New Orleans-born jazz pioneer of French-Creole heritage, settled in Paris, aged 53. He became a star of French showbusiness and the vivid tones of his soprano saxophone still strongly evoke the period.

How do you pronounce Bechet?

American, pronounce it Beh-SHET. Before you buy.

Is Sidney Bechet black?

Sidney Bechet was born on this date in 1897 in New Orleans. He was a Black jazz musician and composer. A young and primarily self-taught Bechet was highly influenced by trumpeter Freddie Keppard.

What school did Sidney Bechet go to?

In 1945, Bechet moved to 160 Quincy Street, in Brooklyn, New York, and began to teach music. Bob Wilber, then still in high school, became Bechet’s star pupil, learning both clarinet and soprano sax, and when Wilber finished high school, he moved into the house.

Where did Sidney Bechet go to school?

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