Where are the sunken objects in hungry shark?

The easiest objects to find are: Lucky Horseshoe, Shark of the Covenant, and Leaning Tower Of Pisa.

  1. When the game starts, go right to the Mako spawn.
  2. Collect Shark of the Covenant at the right of the area.
  3. Cut through the Reef/Megalodon spawn to the area with the Beach Ball.
  4. Collect the Leaning Tower Of Pisa.

Is there a map on hungry shark?

The Basic Map is a buyable feature which allows you to see the whole map, allowing you to plan your route. During the game, it is a radar icon that you can tap to enlarge. It also shows the entrance to the Crab Lair and shows the Daily Reward.

How do you beat Hungry Shark Evolution?

Hungry Shark Evolution Guide (2021 Update): Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become the Most Feared Predator in the Ocean

  1. Understand The Basics Of Survival.
  2. Trigger The Gold Rush.
  3. How To Unlock New Sharks Quickly.
  4. Buy The Map.
  5. Use The Ads To Your Advantage.
  6. Aim To Complete Missions And Achievements.
  7. Invest In Extra Equipment.

What’s the best shark in Hungry Shark Evolution?

Behemoth can eat everything in the game (HSE) and has new abilities which have never been seen before in a mainstream shark. He is also the current best / strongest shark. 750,000 coins, 900 gems.

How do you unlock the Arctic Ocean in Hungry Shark World?

The Arctic Ocean is the second location in Hungry Shark World. It requires at least fоur sharks. This area seems to be set at sunset in a mostly cloudy sky.

What happens when you get all the letters in Hungry Shark World?

When all f the letters are collected (which spells as ‘HUNGRY’ resembles the word hungry in Hungry Shark World) the player’s shark grows to an enormous size and gains massively increased attack power for a brief duration. This effect enables nearly everything on the map to be eaten.

How rare is a Kempy foot Hungry Shark World?

The Kempy Foot is a rare prey in Hungry Shark World which yields a reward of one gem when eaten. They spawn extremely rarely in the Arctic Ocean map in the Kempy Fortress one at a time. They can also spawn very rarely in the military base and the village while having a possibility to spawn on top of the Puffin Rock.

Do cookie cutter sharks bite submarines?

The fish’s strange bite can get at the softer areas of the submarines, National Geographic’s Ed Yong reports: The fearless cookie-cutters have even disabled the most dangerous ocean creature of all—the nuclear submarine. They attacked exposed soft areas including electrical cables and rubber sonar domes.

Where are the most blue jellyfish in Hungry Shark World?


  • No other type of jellyfish can be eaten by XL tier Sharks.
  • These jellyfish can be found in the main entrance to the volcano area on Pacific islands.

Is Kraken good hungry shark?

The best shark against the Crab Boss, since it spawns very close to the crab lair and is strong enough. Most missions are easier than those of the Reef Shark.

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