When were the Oscars in 2012?

February 26, 201284th Academy Awards / Date

What movie won the most Oscars 2012?

The Artist
Movies about movies were all the rage Sunday night at the 84th Academy Awards. The Artist, the French-made black-and-white homage to silent cinema, was the big winner with a total of five Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Directing (by Michel Hazanavicius).

Who won the Academy award for Best Actor in the year 2012?

Jean Dujardin
Martin Scorsese’s 3D film Hugo and silent movie The Artist topped the night with five wins apiece. The Artist took home several of the top awards, including best picture, director (Michel Hazanavicius) and actor (Jean Dujardin).

Who won the Academy Honorary award 2012?

2012 (85th): George Stevens, Jr. a tireless champion of the arts in America and especially that most American of arts: the Hollywood film.

What is a lifetime award?

noun. the notable successes that someone achieves during their life. a prize for lifetime achievement in the arts. a Lifetime Achievement Award for Women in Aerospace. Sting received a lifetime achievement award and performed a medley of his hits.

Which is the highest award for lifetime achievement?

They represent the most influential minds in the field of campus sustainability. The Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honor bestowed upon an individual by AASHE….Timeline.

Submission/Nomination Deadline Third Friday in May
Winners Notified and Announced Mid-September

Who has won a lifetime Hall of Fame award?

Past Recipients

Roy Acuff Awarded: 1987 Allman Brothers Band, The Awarded: 2012
Pierre Boulez Awarded: 2015 David Bowie Awarded: 2006
Ruth Brown Awarded: 2016 Dave Brubeck Awarded: 1996
Maria Callas Awarded: 2007 Cab Calloway Awarded: 2008
Carter Family Awarded: 2005 Benny Carter Awarded: 1987
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