What year FJ40 is the best?

Many note Toyota’s continual improvement to the Land Cruiser and agree that the final few model years (81-83) represent the best of the breed and the most modern. The odometer was upgraded from five digits to six-digits in 1981. The choke received a lighted knob, as did the headlight switch.

What is a FJ40 Land Cruiser worth?

Since 2016, a Land Cruiser FJ40 in #2 (Excellent) condition has fallen an average of 7.6 percent to $47,375. For comparison, the average value of a 1968 FJ40 in #2 (Good) condition is $49,100, while a 1975 model in similar condition has an average value of $44,800.

Are FJ40 reliable?

Rugged and reliable, they could be driven—and repaired—in the most remote places on Earth. Toyota sold them in great numbers worldwide since introducing the original in 1951. By volume, the FJ40 series—produced from 1960 to 1984 with few changes—was the most popular.

What engine is in the FJ40?


Model FJ40
Drivetrain Front Engine, 4×4
Engine Inline 6 cyl. 3.9 Liter F (1960-74), 4.2 Liter (1975-83)
Fuel System Carbureted
Horsepower 125 @ 3600 rpm (1960-74), 135 @ 3600 rpm (1975-83)

When did FJ40 get power steering?

1976 saw the US model of the FJ40 receive front disc brakes to help it lose momentum rather more quickly than its old fashioned drum brake siblings. American FJ40’s also were offered with air conditioning and power steering in 1979.

How much is a 1975 FJ40 worth?

1975 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

1975 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 43,000 mi New Hope, PA, USA $27,000 SOLD
1975 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 17,000 mi Duluth, GA, USA $25,750 HIGH BID
1975 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 85,000 mi Sandoval County, NM, USA $27,000 SOLD
1975 Toyota FJ40 3,311 mi Rochester Hills, MI, USA $40,000 SOLD

What does FJ40 stand for?

How did the FJ get its name? We get this question a lot! The “J” definitely stands for “Jeep” and the “F” indicates the engine type.

When did FJ40 get disc brakes?

How much is an FJ Land Cruiser?

Median sales prices for the base model more than doubled from about $14,000 in 2019 to $27,500 in 2020 and continued to rise to $30,450 in 2021. We’re feeling the heat on the insurance side of the business—policies for FJ Cruisers have been doubling every year since 2018 and aren’t slowing down.

What engine is in 1970 FJ40?

The FJ40 retained its rugged off-road qualities but adapted well to the changing economy. The engine lineup added six-cylinder 4.0-liter 2H and four-cylinder 3.4-liter 3B diesel engines.

What does FJ stand for in fj40?

How much is a 1973 FJ40 worth?

1973 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

1973 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 TMU · Manual · LHD · Original & Highly Original Carlsbad, CA, USA $25,000 SOLD Mar 2, 2022 3 months ago
1973 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 TMU · Manual · LHD · Restored-Original Birmingham, AL, USA $47,000 SOLD Jan 16, 2022 5 months ago
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