What was the role of women in the Algerian war of independence?

During this period, many thousands of women participated as paramilitary fighters, nurses, cooks, fundraisers, and provided logistic support to the National Liberation Army (ALN) – the combat branch of the National Liberation Front (FLN), the party of the nationalist movement.

What is significant about women in Algeria?

Algerian women can inherit property, obtain a divorce, retain custody of their children, gain an education and work in many sectors of society. Women make up 70 percent of Algeria’s lawyers and 60 percent of its judges. They also dominate the fields of medicine, healthcare and science.

Are women oppressed in Algeria?

While the Algerian state, like many others in the region, debates human security and the protection of the most vulnerable, it is this very same state that put women and children at risk. The state is implicated in women’s oppression and their reduction to objects of masculine social control.

Who fought in the Battle of Algiers?

Battle of Algiers (1956–1957)

Battle of Algiers
FLN French Republic
Commanders and leaders
Abane Ramdane Krim Belkacem Larbi Ben M’hidi Benkhedda Saad Dahlab Yacef Saâdi Ali la Pointe † Jacques Massu Marcel Bigeard Yves Godard Roger Trinquier Pierre Jeanpierre ( WIA ) Paul Aussaresses Paul-Alain Léger

Can women divorce in Algeria?

Women need approval from the courts and have to meet certain criteria before initiating the divorce whereas men do not need justifications. On top of requiring the husband’s approval of the divorce, women also risk losing their property and assets if they decide to end the marriage.

How is violence employed in The Battle of Algiers?

By opening with a scene of torture, The Battle of Algiers presents the stark violence that has been at the heart of the colonial encounter: not just the violence of the act of torture itself — the electrical shock, the fists, the waterboarding, and the death — but also the violent conditions of colonialism that made a …

How are women treated in Russia?

Russian women are equal in theory, but not in practice. The Constitution of Russia, adopted in 1993, guarantees equal rights for women and men. Even before that, the Bolshevik Revolution granted women’s rights in Russia– including suffrage– in 1917.

Why was The Battle of Algiers controversial?

The most controversial aspect of The Battle of Algiers is its promotion of moral equivalency. While the French claimed that the film was biased, Pontecorvo actually rejected the original screenplay written by director and FLN commander Saadi Yacef in order to pursue an objective account.

How many wives can a man have in Algeria?

four wives
Polygamous marriages may be legally contracted in Algeria in the form of polygyny, and a man may take up to four wives.

What was the role of women in the Algerian War?

The rural women combatants in the Algerian War were referred to as the mujahidat and “left their homes and families to join the FLN armed guerrilla bands, the Armée Libération Nationale (ALN)”. They tended to be young, unmarried, and prepared to join the resistance “with or without the approval of their families”.

Are women combatants excluded from oral accounts of the Algerian War?

While these important pieces of testimony give a voice to women who were often “excluded from the history and memory of the Algerian War as well as victimized in postcolonial Algeria,” there remain many omissions in the oral accounts of women combatants.

What is the best book on Algerian women’s history?

“Reality and Representation of Algerian Women: The Complex Dynamic of Heroines and Repressed Women”. Illinois Wesleyan University. ^ a b Lazreg, Marnia. The Eloquence of Silence. London: Routledge, 1994 p. 130 ^ a b De Groot, Gerard, Peniston-Bird, Corinna. A Soldier and a Woman: Sexual integration in the Military. New York: Longman, 2000 p. 244

What was the range of involvement by a woman in combat?

The range of involvement by a woman could include both combatant and non-combatant roles. While the majority of the tasks that women undertook centered on the realm of the non-combatant, those that surrounded the limited number that took part in acts of violence were more frequently noticed.

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