What was the inspiration for swansong?

One of the sources for Swansong’s ‘prisoner of conscience’ theme was the novel A Man by Oriana Fallaci. I was particularly struck by the way in which the author describes torture and interrogation as if it were a theatrical production. ‘

What style of dance is swan song?

Christopher Bruce’s choreography for Swansong incorporates a variety of dance styles, including contemporary, ballet, jazz, tap and ballroom. The inclusion of ‘folk’ styles is a typical feature of Bruce’s choreography and can be seen particularly in Ghost Dances (1981) and Sergeant Early’s Dream (1984).

What prop is used in swansong?

Swansong-Christopher Bruce. The chair is the only constant prop in the performance, and it is used in many ways. Firstly and most obviously it is used as a chair, in the introduction the victim is sitting on the chair and the interrogators use this to trap him in between them.

What is Christopher Bruce’s style?

Bruce embraces both a classical and contemporary movement vocabulary. The style draws on both his ballet and Graham technique training and he uses the long extended lines of ballet but with offbalance tilts and attitudes.

Is the swan song real?

The term Swan Song derived from the legend that, while they are mute during the rest of their lives, swans sing beautifully and mournfully just before they die. Although this isn’t actually true, swans can make a variety of noises throughout their lives, the idea has carried on.

What does a swansong mean?

1 : a song of great sweetness said to be sung by a dying swan. 2 : a farewell appearance or final act or pronouncement.

What is shadows by Christopher Bruce about?

For Bruce, the music “evokes images of a European history and tradition steeped in over a thousand years of suffering and human experience.” In Shadows, Bruce translates this vision into an exploration of a family dynamic, examining the relationships between each member (son, daughter, mother and father) as they deal …

Is Christopher Bruce still choreographing?

Apart from his career with Rambert, Christopher choreographed and staged work internationally. He was associate Choreographer with English National Ballet from 1986 to 1991 and Resident and Associate Choreographer with Houston Ballet from 1989 to 2021.

How old is Christopher Bruce?

76 years (October 3, 1945)Christopher Bruce / Age

Why is the movie called Swan Song?

The term “swan song” is based in the ancient myth that swans, whose honks are not very melodic, sing one beautiful song just before death. It is used to refer to an artist’s or athlete’s final appearance, something special and meaningful.

Is swan song a myth?

A swan song is a metaphor used to refer to a final gesture before retirement. The term originated in ancient Greek culture, and its first reference is found in Aeschylus’ Agamemnon, which was written in 458 BC.

What is the choreographic intention for shadows?

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