What station is WMAL in DC?

WMAL-FM (105.9 FM) – branded 105.9 FM WMAL – is an FM radio station licensed to Woodbridge, Virginia, serving the Washington, D.C. Metro area. WMAL-FM airs a talk radio format and is owned and operated by Cumulus Media.

Is Chris Plante still on the radio?

Chris Plante (born December 12, 1959) is a syndicated radio talk show host, based at WMAL Radio in Washington D.C., and heard on the Westwood One Network. He is also a frequent guest on both Fox News and Fox Business.

Is Chris Plante on Sirius radio?

The Chris Plante Show | WFAS – AM 1230 Digital & FM 103.9.

What radio stations is John Batchelor on?

John Batchelor | News Talk 105.9 WMAL.

How old is Chris Plant?

62 years (December 12, 1959)Chris Plante / Age

Why did Nvidia buy Cumulus?

The data center is rapidly evolving into the new unit of computing. It’s built on a distributed network of compute and storage resources users need to program to address their changing workloads and expanding datasets. That’s why Cumulus is a key part of NVIDIA’s networking vision.

Where is Gordon Keith now?

Gordon Keith is an American radio host on KTCK SportsRadio 1310 AM “The Ticket” in Dallas, Texas. He has shared hosting duties with George Dunham and Craig “Junior” Miller since 1994.

What happened to John Batchelor on ABC radio?

On March 5, 2021, Batchelor hosted his last episode of The John Batchelor Show on WABC and Westwood One, as WABC shuffled its format and the show ended its affiliation with Westwood One in favor of syndication by CBS News.

What radio station is John Batchelor Show on?

What happened Cumulus network?

In May 2020, American semiconductor manufacturer Nvidia announced it was acquiring Cumulus. Post acquisition the company was absorbed into Nvidia’s networking business unit, along with Mellanox. Nvidia still offers Cumulus Linux.

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