What sport in the Olympics starts with M?

Modern Pentathlon — an Olympic sport that comprises five events: fencing, 200m freestyle swimming, show jumping, and a combined event of pistol shooting and 3200m cross country run.

How many Olympic sports were there in 2012?

The record for the total number of participating national Olympic committees—204—that had been established at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games was equaled in London. The London Games featured more than 10,500 athletes who participated in 302 events in 36 sports.

What are the 25 Olympic sports?

The 25 sports are: athletics, rowing, badminton, basketball, boxing, canoeing, cycling, equestrian, fencing, football, gymnastics, weightlifting, handball, hockey, judo, aquatics, modern pentathlon, taekwondo, tennis, table tennis, shooting, archery, triathlon, sailing and volleyball.

What is a sport starting with M?

Sport with M (98x)

  • MMA.
  • Marathon.
  • Marathon running.
  • Motor racing.
  • Motorsport.
  • Mountain climbing.
  • Mud wrestling.
  • martial arts.

What was the most popular sport of the 2012 Olympics?

Swimming Swimming is an easy sport to follow and to root for, and with stars like these two. it is the most popular Olympic sport right now.

What is the most popular sport in the 2012?

In this year, swimming came out on top with 21 percent of respondents citing it as their favorite sport event. Gymnastics came in at second place with 15 percent….What is your favorite Olympic event?

Characteristic Percentage of respondents
Gymnastics 15%
Basketball 12%
Track and Field 11%
Football (soccer) 8%

How many sports are in the Olympics list?

Olympic sports are contested in the Summer Olympic Games and Winter Olympic Games. The 2020 Summer Olympics included 33 sports; the 2022 Winter Olympics included seven sports. Each Olympic sport is represented by an international governing body, namely an International Federation (IF).

How many sports are left in the Olympics?

Sports of the Olympic Games In 2012 there were 26 sports contested, increasing to 28 in 2016, and 33 in 2020.

What Olympic sport starts with K?

Kickboxing and Karate are popular sports that start with the letter K, as is Knife Throwing, though a favourite K sport of Topend Sports is Kabaddi. Did you know Kite Fighting is a sport, plus lots of sports that use kites such as Kitesurfing and Kite Landboarding.

What is the biggest Olympic sport?

Track and field events can trace its roots to the ancient Greek-Olympics and with 44 events in total (segregated into three parts of track, field and road event), athletics is the most contested of all Olympic sports and is the biggest sport in terms of both competitors and events.

How many sports are there in Olympics?

What is the logo of the 2012 Olympic Games?

The bid logo, created by Kino Design, was a ribbon with blue, yellow, black, green, and red stripes winding through the text “LONDON 2012”, making the shape of the River Thames in East London. The main logo, designed by Wolff Olins and published on 4 June 2007, is a representation of the number 2012, with the Olympic Rings embedded within the zero.

Who produced the 2012 Olympic Games?

In November 2012, the IOC announced the winners of the Golden Ring Awards for the best broadcast coverage of the Games. Best Olympic Sports Production was awarded to the sailing, produced by Christopher Lincoln, Gary Milkis, and Ursula Romero. The production for the canoe/kayak slalom and the rowing/canoe sprint came second and third respectively.

How many’m’sports are in the Olympics?

Here are all the ‘M’ sports from over 800 sports listed on our complete list of sports. Modern Pentathlon is a great Olympic sport, but competitors would be no match for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Where are the London 2012 Olympic Games held?

The London 2012 Games were centred around the Olympic Park in East London, which is the site of a number of new sports venues. Up to 180,000 spectators a day entered the Park to enjoy the Games, making it the principal focus of Olympic activity.

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