What should I give away for a 5K?

Top Picks for 5K Races and Marathons

  • T-shirts.
  • Caps.
  • Socks & Shoelaces.
  • Headbands & Wristbands.
  • Spirit Towels.
  • Fanny Packs.

How do you organize a 5K race?

Planning a 5K

  1. Research Other 5Ks. Like any fundraiser, you’ll want to start by researching similar events in your area.
  2. Assemble Your Team.
  3. Pick A Theme, Entry Fee, and Decide What Proceeds Will go Toward.
  4. Choose a race name.
  5. Choose a Location and Date.
  6. Build a Budget.
  7. Set SMART goals.
  8. Create a Race Website or Webpage.

How do I get sponsored for a 5K run?

Find Your Sponsor

  1. Go to networking events to meet people.
  2. Hand out flyers when you’re out and about.
  3. Visit local businesses and see if they want to donate money, have presence at your event to promote their company, or donate stuff for the race/goodie bag.

How much do running bibs cost?

Cost: Depending on size, expect to pay between $0.15 – $0.25 for single-sided plain race bibs.

What do you put in a race swag bag?

9 Items That Should be in Every Runner’s Marathon Swag Bag

  1. Drawstring bags.
  2. Water bottles.
  3. Pedometers.
  4. Lip balm.
  5. Phone wallets.
  6. Beanie hats.
  7. Athletic sunglasses.

What is a race swag?

If you have run any races, you know about the “swag” you pick up as a race entrant. These are the goodie bags – the gifts and freebies you obtain for having signed up for a race. I have many races since I started running them a few years ago and have received many race bags as a result.

How do I get a sponsor for racing?

Let’s get started!

  1. Follow These 5 Tips to Find Your Racing Sponsor.
  2. Choose Your Target Sponsor Company (Should Have Some Affiliation with Motorsports)
  3. Determine Your Assets and Make Your Valuation List.
  4. Come up with an Agreeable Sponsorship Package and Proposal.
  5. Meet with Your Sponsor.
  6. Put It All Together in Writing.

How do I donate swag bags?

Ask around There are some businesses that will donate merchandise in order to get their brand out there—even if they aren’t a large sponsor of the event. Ask small, local businesses if they’d be willing to donate any items. It could be a product they are known for or gift cards that will get people in the door.

What do you put in a race packet?

Swag bags, also known as race packets, are loot bags that are given at the beginning of races or running events….Here are a few items that will make good additions to your race packets:

  1. Wearable items with the race logo.
  2. Discount coupon for massages.
  3. Reusable water containers.
  4. Sample products.
  5. Reusable bag.

What is Banditing a race?

Banditing – the practice of running a race unregistered either in part or in full – has historically been a bit like that in the eyes of most people, including some race directors: “less bad than shoplifting, but adults still disapprove”…

How much do race organizers make?

Race Director Salaries

Job Title Salary
Red Frog Events Race Director salaries – 6 salaries reported $53,525/yr
Ragnar Events Race Director salaries – 5 salaries reported $55,994/yr
Ironman Triathlon Race Director salaries – 2 salaries reported $54,033/yr
Spartan Race Race Director salaries – 2 salaries reported $61,477/yr

What companies sponsor racers?

Major IMSA Sponsors

  • USA Today Sports, a sports news resource.
  • Aston Martin Racing.
  • BMW Motorsport.
  • Chevrolet.
  • Ferrari, this time the car company.
  • Ford.
  • Honda Racing.
  • Hyundai Motorsports.
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