What shoes did LeBron wear in Game 7 of the 2016 Finals?

The LeBron James sneaker linked with arguably greatest moment isn’t one of his signature shoes. The iconic block on Andre Iguodala in game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals had LeBron wearing the Nike Zoom Solider 10.

What LeBron shoe came out in 2017?

Nike LeBron 15: 2017-18.

What LeBron shoe came out in 2015?

LeBron 13 (2015)

What shoes was LeBron wearing against the Cavs?

As the audience witnessed during the match, he took out his Nike Zoom 20-5-5, especially for his return to Cleveland. Everyone knew it was going to be a big hit. Fans are enamored with James’ first Playoff sneaker because it is one of the best Zoom Air-based basketball shoe.

What shoes did Kyrie wear in the 2016 finals?

See his footwear from his 41-point game. Irving of course wore the Kyrie 2, in a player exclusive colorway that we’ve seen pop up from time to time during the 2016 Playoffs. He made his shoes even more exclusive by scribbling some personal notes on them.

What shoes did LeBron wear in 2018?


  • #01 :: October 18th, 2018. 1 wear(s)
  • #01 :: LeBron 16 ‘King’ (GR) 1 wear(s)
  • #02 :: October 20th, 2018. 4 wear(s)
  • #02 :: LeBron 16 ‘Court Purple’ (GR) 4 wear(s)
  • #03 :: October 22nd, 2018. 4 wear(s)
  • #03 :: LeBron 16 ‘Home’ (PE) 4 wear(s)
  • #04 :: October 24th, 2018. 3 wear(s)
  • #04 :: LeBron 16 ‘Purple’ (PE) 3 wear(s)

What shoes did LeBron wear rookie year?

Zoom LeBron II: 2004-05 After a solid rookie season, Nike decided to roll out the next installment of LeBron’s signature kicks with the LeBron II.

What shoes did LeBron wear in 2012 Finals?

Eventually, in 2012 Nike launched upgraded Elite models for the playoff stretch, with added carbon fiber support molding, enhanced sockliners and extra embellishments. For his most recent Finals — an iconic championship win for The Land — James wore the new Zoom Soldier 10, a fully laceless, three-strap silhouette.

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