What perfume smells like fresh outta the shower?

1. CLEAN Air Eau de Parfum. Clean is a light, beautiful fragrance that leaves you smelling like you just took a shower on a crisp spring day – you know, perked up and poised for success. Great in any season throughout the year though, with its familiar smell of fresh laundry, soap and a hint of citrus.

What does clean rain smell like?

CLEAN Rain is a sweet aquatic. Cool, ripe cantaloupe and fresh lotus flower with a clean musk undertone. This is nothing “fancy”, but I think that is what appeals to me so much about the CLEAN brand fragrances.

Has Mugler Cologne been discontinued?

Mugler Cologne isn’t discontinued. It’s just been rebranded in the Thierry Mugler collection as Come Together.

What does Ivory soap smell like?

The smell of Ivory soap is both simple and unique, making it difficult to describe it, yet recognizable anywhere. Unlike the sweet and milky aroma of Dove, Ivory is sharp and suggestive of fresh ginger root. The result is a scent that is distinctly clean yet surprisingly mellow.

What does Mugler smell like?

Fragrance Description: This addictive sweet perfume blends delicious praline with a long-lasting base of patchouli leaf countered by bright Calabrian bergamot for a touch of freshness, igniting playful memories and sweet sensations.

Who owns CLEAN Reserve?

Fusion Brands America Inc.
ABOUT CLEAN RESERVE: A pioneer of simple and eco-conscious fragrances, CLEAN Reserve is a luxury fragrance collection housed under the Clean franchise, owned by Fusion Brands America Inc.

Is there a perfume that smells like Ivory soap?

Demeter’s pure soap is inspired by the scent of skin freshly scrubbed with ivory soap. Clean skin with just a faint trace remaining of pure soap smell… Almost like a memory of the soap, rather than the soap itself. Demeter’s pure soap is a subtle yet powerful scent, the kind of fragrance that is pure Demeter.

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