What order do the underbelly series go in?


Series Subtitle Originally aired
First aired
1 Underbelly 13 February 2008
2 A Tale of Two Cities 9 February 2009
3 The Golden Mile 11 April 2010

How old is Roy Billing?

About 75 years (1947)Roy Billing / Age

Who is Underbelly based on?

Based on Tony Mokbel, the series covers the manhunt for Mokbel that lasted 18 months, and dismantled his drug empire. It was filmed in Greece. It first aired on 23 February at 8:40 pm on Channel 9.

How many Underbelly is there?

six series
Underbelly is an Australian television true crime-drama series which first aired on the Nine Network on 13 February 2008 and last aired 1 September 2013. Each series was based on real-life events. There have been six series in total.

Who is Kimmies dad?

ROY BILLING just dropped by the office with some Christmas goodies – thanks Roy! Always great to see you! Roy is one of Australia’s most iconic and recognisable actors – with a great voice to match! You can hear Roy regularly as “Kimmy’s Dad” in the Crimsafe Radio ads and most recent national campaign for STOCKLANDS.

Is there a new Underbelly?

Nine announces two thrilling new dramas for 2022, including new Underbelly inspired by Melissa Caddick’s disappearance – nine.com.au.

Is Kimi adopted?

Chas legally adopts Kimi as his daughter in “Finsterella” while Kira legally adopts Chuckie as her son.

What happened to Kimi’s dad rugrats?

Her father still lives in Japan. Kimi sees him in the All Grown Up! episode “Trading Places” where she meets her new baby half-sister, Kiki Watanabe. As Kira married Chas in Rugrats in Paris, it means that Hiro and Kira are divorced.

Is Mario Condello still alive?

February 6, 2006Mario Condello / Date of death

Who is George from Underbelly: Vanishing Act?

Colin Friels
Underbelly: Vanishing Act (TV Mini Series 2022) – Colin Friels as George K – IMDb.

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