What is this yellow discharge after cryotherapy?

After the Procedure You may also have some light bleeding. Next, you will have a thicker, yellowish discharge as your body sheds the dead tissue. This may last up to 6 weeks. Use pads, not tampons, immediately after the procedure.

Why is there so much discharge after cryotherapy?

Cervical cryotherapy is often followed by a heavy and often odorous discharge during the first month after the procedure. The discharge is due to dead tissue cells leaving the treatment site. As per research, the cryosurgical healing process was not pleasant and was least tolerable for obese and older women.

What does cryotherapy do to your VAG?

Cryosurgery is a procedure that uses freezing gas (liquid nitrogen) to destroy precancerous cells on the cervix. The cervix, the lowest part of the womb or uterus, opens into the vagina. When these unhealthy cells are destroyed, the body can replace them with new, healthy cells.

Can you get an infection after cryotherapy?

Contact your healthcare provider if you have signs of an infection after cryotherapy. These signs may include: Redness. Pus.

How much discharge is normal after cryotherapy?

Your Recovery After the procedure, you may have mild cramps for several hours. You may also have a watery vaginal discharge for up to 12 hours. After that, the watery discharge may turn yellow. It can last for 2 to 3 weeks.

How do you know if you have an infection after cryotherapy?

Call your provider if: There are signs of infection such as redness, swelling, or drainage. The skin lesion is not gone after it has healed.

How do you treat an infection after cryotherapy?

Caring for yourself after cryotherapy Put Vaseline ® or Aquaphor ® on the treated area every day for 2 weeks. This will help the area heal and will keep it from crusting. If the treated area does develop a crust, you can put petroleum jelly (Vaseline®) on the area until the crust falls off.

How long does it take your body to clear HPV?

Depending on the type of HPV that you have, the virus can linger in your body for years. In most cases, your body can produce antibodies against the virus and clear the virus within one to two years. Most strains of HPV go away permanently without treatment.

How do you know HPV is gone?

Most strains of HPV go away permanently without treatment. Because of this, it isn’t uncommon to contract and clear the virus completely without ever knowing that you had it. HPV doesn’t always cause symptoms, so the only way to be sure of your status is through regular testing. HPV screening for men isn’t available.

How do you know if your cryotherapy is infected?

Results of cryotherapy Infection may cause increased pain, swelling, thick yellow blister fluid, purulent discharge and/or redness around the treated area.

How do I know area after cryotherapy is infected?

Call Your Doctor or Nurse if You Have: Any of the following symptoms at or around the treated area: Redness or swelling that extends to areas of untreated skin. Increasing pain or discomfort in the treated area.

How long does it take for your body to clear HPV?

How do I know HPV is gone?

Can HPV change your discharge?

Almost all cervical cancers are thought to be caused by HPV infections. While there are often no signs of early cervical cancer, some signs may include: Increased vaginal discharge, which may be pale, watery, pink, brown, bloody, or foul-smelling.

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