What is the process of wire bonding?

Wire bonding is a solid phase welding process, where the two metallic materials (wire and pad surface) are brought into intimate contact. Once the surfaces are in intimate contact, electron sharing or interdiffusion of atoms takes place, resulting in the formation of wirebond.

What is gold wire bonding?

Gold wire bonding is the process by which gold wire is attached to two points in an assembly to form an interconnection or an electrically conductive path. Heat, ultrasonics, and force are all employed to form the attachment points for the gold wire.

What is short tail in wire bond?

SHTL (Short -Tail) is a typical failure mode in the process of gold wire ball bonding. The second point bonding process of gold wire ball bonding was studied, and the formation process of the second point bonding morphology was analyzed.

What are bond pads?

A bonding pad is used to connect the circuit on a die to a pin on a packaged chip. One side of a gold wire connects to the bonding pad while the other side connects to the package.

Where do you attach bonding wire?

Bonding is done relatively efficiently at the water heater, as the gas piping and water piping generally there. Gas pipe in older homes is usually steel or copper. The bonding connection point for these pipes can be at any accessible location, such as at the water heater or at the gas meter.

Can you splice a bonding wire?

They can be spliced, using any listed device and there are no particular burial requirements.

What happens if ground rods are too close together?

If one ground rod is placed near another, the current from one ground rod will increase the electric potential of the other, thus making it a less effective sink for current.

Do you have to bury bonding wire?

“Bonding is interconnecting all the potential electrical paths around the pool,” he said. He notes that copper wire is buried between the metal elements surrounding the pool, and then connected to the ground. “Anything within five feet of the pool must be bonded,” he said.

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