What is the film The General about?

One of the most revered comedies of the silent era, this film finds hapless Southern railroad engineer Johnny Gray (Buster Keaton) facing off against Union soldiers during the American Civil War. When Johnny’s fiancée, Annabelle Lee (Marion Mack), is accidentally taken away while on a train stolen by Northern forces, Gray pursues the soldiers, using various modes of transportation in comic action scenes that highlight Keaton’s boundless wit and dexterity.The General / Film synopsis

What is The General in the 1927 film?

Buster Keaton and Marion Mack in The General (1927), directed by Keaton. Keaton played Johnny Gray, the engineer of the steam engine The General, who is mistaken for a coward when he is rejected for service in the Confederate Army because he is too valuable to the South as a railway engineer.

What happens at the end of The General?

Annabelle was a passenger on the stolen train, becomes a prisoner of the Union troops, is rescued by Johnny and rides with him during the climactic chase scenes that end with the famous shot of the Texas falling into the gorge (where, it is said, its rusted hulk remains to this day).

What happened to the train in The General?

The movie was ‘The General,’ starring Buster Keaton; in the scene, a real locomotive is crashed through a real burning bridge into the river, at a cost (in 2010 dollars) of more than half a million dollars.

What is climax of story?

The CLIMAX of the story is when the CONFLICT of the PLOT is resolved.It is often the most exciting part of the story: when the hero saves the princess, discovers the buried treasure, or slays the dragon. Imagine when you read a story that you are climbing up a mountainside. The CLIMAX is the mountain peak.

Is war machine real story?

Based on the nonfiction book The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan by Michael Hastings, it is a fictionalized version of the events in the book based on United States Army General Stanley McChrystal. The film was released on Netflix on May 26, 2017.

Who is war machine?

War Machine (born Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver, November 30, 1981) is an American former professional mixed martial artist, former pornographic actor, and incarcerated felon. He is currently serving a life sentence for multiple counts of rape, kidnapping, and domestic battery, among other charges.

Did Buster Keaton break any bones?

One of his most famous stunts took place in Steamboat Bill, in which Keaton avoided being struck by a collapsing building by “escaping” through a tiny window. Despite his skills, over the years he was injured numerous times; he broke bones, almost drowned, and severely damaged his neck.

Who replaced General Mcmahon?

Obama named General David Petraeus as McChrystal’s replacement; Petraeus was confirmed by the Senate and officially assumed command on June 30. Days after being relieved of his duties in Afghanistan, McChrystal announced his retirement.

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