What is the APL valve on the anesthesia machine?

The adjustable pressure-limiting (APL) valve is part of the anaesthesia machine breathing circuit. The APL releases anaesthetic gases into the scavenging system and is intended to provide pressure control in the breathing circuit during manual bag ventilation.

What does open APL valve mean?

10. 11. With the end of the tube still covered, open the APL valve by turning it anti-clockwise. This sets the valve to ‘low pressure’ meaning gas in the breathing system will escape to the scavenging system. This picture shows the valve in the open position.

What is ACGO?

The Auxiliary Common Gas Outlet (ACGO) port is used to provide fresh gas to an auxiliary manual breathing circuit. It comes under the Breathing Gas Circuit (BGC) manifold in an anesthesia delivery system with an integrated breathing system.

What is an APL value and why is it important?

The APL (Adjustable Pressure Limiting) valve is only used during manual (or spontaneous) ventilation in the Modulus II machines. As its name indicates, the APL valve limits the amount of pressure buildup that can occur during manual ventilation.

How does an APL valve work?

As its name indicates, the APL valve limits the amount of pressure buildup that can occur during manual ventilation. When the user adjusts the APL valve to trap more gas inside the breathing circuit, a spring inside the APL valve is compressed according to how much the user turns the APL valve.

What are the two types of anesthesia machine?

The anesthesia machine can be divided into three basic areas: (1) a high-pressure system, (2) an intermediate pressure system, and (3) a low-pressure system.

  • There are essentially two broad categories of anesthesia machine vaporizers: variable bypass vaporizers and measured flow vaporizers.
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    What is Link 25 system?

    The older Ohmeda Link 25 is a purely mechanical system: A chain links nitrous oxide and oxygen flow control knobs, allows either to be adjusted independently, yet automatically intercedes to maintain a minimum 1:3 ratio of oxygen to nitrous oxide.

    What regulates AGCO?

    What is AGCO in Canada?

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