What is Sepak Takraw ball made of?

synthetic fibre
The Sepak Takraw ball must be spherical and made from synthetic fibre in one woven layer. Any ball without a synthetic rubber covering must have 12 holes, 20 intersections and a circumference of 0.41m to 0.43m for men and 0.42m to 0.44m for women.

How many players are there on a regu?

three players
Each Regu has three players on court and two substitutes. The players on court are the striker, server and feeder. Game play is very similar to the sport of Volleyball. In Sepak Takraw, players are allowed a maximum of three contacts with the ball to get it over the net.

How many linesmen are in Sepak Takraw?

How many linesmen are there in a Sepak Takraw game? 4. There are 4 linesmen and 1 umpire in total. The linesmen are located at each corner of the court.

How much does takraw ball weigh?

Sepak Takraw balls without synthetic rubber covering must have 12 holes and 20 intersections, must have a circumference measuring from 42 to 44 cm (16.5–17.3 in) for men or from 43 to 45 cm (16.9–17.7 in) for women, with a weight that ranges from 170 to 180 g (6.0–6.3 oz) for men or from 150 to 160 g (5.3–5.6 oz) for …

What is the age limit of Sepak Takraw?

Thirty nine male, sepak takraw players on state and national teams, were divided into three age categories of under 15 (U15; n = 12), under 18 (U18; n = 15), and under 23 years (U23; n = 12) of age. All subjects provided informed consent and the university’s ethics committee approved the study.

What is regu?

Regu definition (sports) A standard group of three players in a sepak takraw team. noun.

Is Sepak Takraw from Malaysia?

Sepak Takraw was originated in Malaysia around 500 years ago. In the 15th century, it was mostly played by the royal court. Around 16th century, the game was spread across Indonesia, where people called it Sepak Raga.

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