What is rent a center customer service number?

(800) 422-8186Rent-A-Center / Customer service

How do I stop harassment from Rent A Center?

If you feel you were harassed or unfairly treated by RAC, file a complaint to your state’s Attorney General or Consumer Protection Office, as well as the Federal Trade Commission (http://www.ftc.gov/).

When was rent a center founded?

1973, Wichita, KSRent-A-Center / Founded

Who is the owner of Rent-A-Center?

Frank Barton founded the Rent-A-Center brand in Wichita, Kansas. Mark Speese, a former employee of Rent-A-Center, started Vista Rent-To-Own with two partners, operating stores primarily in Puerto Rico and New Jersey. Ernie Talley acquired a controlling interest in Vista Rent-To-Own.

What is rent a center eCommerce 800?

Rent-A-Center’s eCommerce solution brings the benefits of rent-to-own to consumers, regardless of where they choose to shop. For a new and returning market of consumers, that means access to the quality products they want and need for their homes is now just “a click away.”

Who is AcceptanceNOW?

AcceptanceNOW® is a company that partners with name brand retailers to provide customers access to the products they want and need but are unable to get from the retail store. AcceptanceNOW® allows customers to shop with confidence because no credit is required and only a low monthly payment is needed.

Why do people go to Rent-A-Center?

People visit Rent-A-Center for many reasons. Some want to live better, bigger lives. Others want to replace a broken dishwasher ASAP and move on with life.

Who is CEO of Rent-A-Center?

Mitchell E Fadel (2018–)Rent-A-Center / CEO

Can you stop shoplifters in Texas?

However, if the store suspects you of shoplifting, they are able to detain you for a limited amount of time. Not producing your receipt is not reason enough to detain you, but if there are other factors about you that are deemed “suspicious,” the store can keep you in their custody and call the authorities.

Can rent A Center file theft charges in Texas?

In Texas, the answer is yes. Companies do file criminal charges against people who had failed to pay out rental contracts on items, even if they never intended to steal anything. Treating renters behind on their finances as criminals is stupidly evil, but par for the course in Texas criminal justice.

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