What is myD H?

You are invited to use myDH to communicate securely with your health care providers, request or change appointments, request prescription renewals, view your account and make payments online, and much more. Sign in to myDH.

How do I create a DH account?

Creating an account

  1. Request a code at myD-H.org. Click on the “create an account” button under the sign in to request an activation code.
  2. If you do not have a myD-H account, you may receive a text message with a link to create an account at your next appointment.

Does Dartmouth-Hitchcock use MyChart?

Care sites part of DHH include Dartmouth-Hitchcock Community Group practices in southern New Hampshire and Cheshire Medical Center in Keene, New Hampshire. Patients will also have the opportunity to use Epic’s patient portal, MyChart, to communicate with providers, pay bills, and schedule appointments online.

Is Dartmouth-Hitchcock a good hospital?

DHMC was named again in 2020 as the #1 hospital in New Hampshire by U.S. News & World Report, and recognized for high performance in 9 clinical specialties and procedures.

Does Dartmouth Hitchcock have an app?

Download the Dartmouth-Hitchcock App from the appropriate app store on your mobile device (Apple: App Store, Android: Google play).

How do I add a child to follow my health?

Log in to your own FollowMyHealth account. From the main screen, go to “My Account” and choose “My Connections” Select “With Family Members, Dependents, etc.” Select “Add Authorized Individual”

What is Dartmouth medical center known for?

‘ Dartmouth-Hitchcock is New Hampshire’s only academic medical center. Internationally renowned, nationally ranked, and regionally respected, Dartmouth-Hitchcock integrates high-quality patient care, advanced medical education, and translational research to provide a full spectrum of health care.

Can you have 2 MyChart accounts?

You will access all of your information across all organizations in this single MyChart account. If you decline consent to share your information with affiliated partners, you will have multiple MyChart accounts: one for each organization, each with its own username and password.

How do I link my child’s MyChart to mine?

To set up proxy access to your child’s medical record, please submit the request directly from your MyChart account….For Children Under the Age of 14

  1. Go to Messages > Request Family Access.
  2. Read and accept the proxy access terms and conditions.
  3. Submit the “Minor” proxy request form.

Can a 14 year old go to the doctors alone?

Yes. There is no reason why you can’t ask to see the doctor by yourself. They might want to find out why and might encourage you to tell your parent or carer.

Is Dartmouth a Level 1 trauma center?

DHMC is New Hampshire’s only Level I Trauma Center, one of only three in northern New England, and it includes New Hampshire’s only air ambulance service.

Who owns Dartmouth hospital?

DHMC is New Hampshire’s only Level I Trauma Center, one of only three in northern New England, and it includes New Hampshire’s only air ambulance service….Dartmouth–Hitchcock Medical Center.

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Location One Medical Center Drive, Lebanon, New Hampshire, United States
Type Teaching
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